Provence Cooking Rain's Low Fat Dressing
The Provence Cooking usually starts with session on the patio looking for a Provence recipe in Mireille Johnston's book,  "The Cuisine Of The Sun",,,Amason), a good source of authentic recipes, and the book "At Home In Provence"  by Patricia Wells,   At other times fledgling chefs fall back on old habits and go online risking a sauce-drenched computer. Tasting while you cook is always fun.  
June in Provence brings fresh asparagus, zucchini, cherries, plumbs, apricots, berries, egg plant, melons, and much other produce.  Provence wines are inexpensive and plentiful. Here one dispensed from a carton de glazes the pan.
After dinner a walk through town to catch the low light of a 9:30 sunset satisfies the urge to make photos of beautiful Provence.
Stuffed peppers started with a wild boar sausage and ground beef from the butcher browned in the pan. The local garlic has a purple covering and is milder than the familiar white garlic.
A little of the fresh thyme and rosemary from the foraging trip will go into a blender and be added to the stuffing.

French bread has at least three lives. Fresh, sliced and eaten; second day, toast; third day stuffing and pedestals for baked peppers.
Try Provence Cooking and Rain's Low Fat Dressing a recipe inspired by a Provence Cooking Vacation in the South of France.   Olive Oil and Herbs de Provence make a cooking Vacation in the South of France memorable.
Provence Cooking, Stuffed Peppers
Rain Rodolph's low-fat salad dressing: Provence inspired recipe

herbs de Provence     pinch
extra virgin  oil    2 ozs
rice vinegar           1 oz
lemon juice               1/2 teaspoon
honey                        1/2 teaspoon
*orange/ginger/sugar syrup   2 tablespoons (*mix one to one of OJ and sugar, add sliced ginger, heat for about 10-15 minutes until a light syrup forms. Strain and use reserved sauce.
Fresh chopped basil       1  teaspoon
mix all ingredients together and alter the balance of sweet and sour to your taste. Drizzle over salads or serve on the side.
The peppers, once stuffed with the meat, herbs, and breading, get a sprinkle of grated Parmesan and a tomato cap. As the tomato roasts it releases its intensified juices into the stuffing.  
Make a salad of fresh uncooked Basil, spinach or other fresh green topped with dried plumbs or dates  (pictured above) for a nutritious accompaniment to a Provence meal
Provence agricultural fields in the South of France
Provence Cooking, Salad with Rain's Low Fat Dressing
Provence Cooking, recipes
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