Provence Cooking The South Of France, Olive Oil and Wild Herbs

The hills provide the herbs and the local butcher, baker and grocer in the small village the rest. A trip to the olive oil mill with a jug and you can fill up on first cold press olive oil.
A trip to the vineyard with a jug will supply the wine.
Fresh vegetable and fruit come to the markets in June, some from the local farmers who also provide goats cheese.  
The cuisine of Provence depends on fresh vegetables and fruit that come from the farms.
The vegetables dishes and salads then receive an anointment with the herbs that grow wild in the hills. The meat dishes, often  chicken or most commonly lamb, then get their sprinkle with the herb combinations and a basting with olive oil.
The herbs commonly found in the hills are  rosemary and thyme. Along with  savory, bay leaf, and lavender they make what is now called herbs de Provence,
These herbs grow everywhere in the hills and at times along the roads.  They are also plentiful in the markets.
The name Herbs de Provence is a modern spice company's creation but the use of these commonly growing plants goes back centuries,
Thyme will be the most recognizable in a dish with rosemary and then the others being more subtle.
Another seasoner commonly found in Provence cooking is the orange rind. Used dry and ground into the meal it is called zest. The rind can also be sliced thin or diced and cooked with the meal.
Provence cooks use little or no salt in cooking, adding it at the table in the form of Camargue sea salt served in a glass container.  The taste comes form the freshness of the ingredients and the use of spices

Culinary Vacation in Provence

Provence Cooking

Small zucchini can be stuffed
and baked
Peppers stuffed and capped with a tomato half served with a salad and local cherries from Gordes and melons from Cavaillon
Chicken basted with a Herbs de Provence mix and olive oil baked on a bed of rosemary, sliced tomato, and onion.
Peppers stuffed and capped with a tomato half
Speed limits will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to various towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities and at many TGV Train Stations.
Information for those renting a vehicle in Provence
Provence Cooking in The South Of France includes Olive Oil and Wild Herbs of Provence.  
While Cooking in the South of France on a cooking vacation you can find olive oil, wine and the fresh produce in the mills and vineyards or weekly Provence markets.
Provence Cooking in The South Of France includes Olive Oil and Wild Herbs of Provence, available in the weekly Provence markets.
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