Provence hilltown Bonnieux
Provence hiking Lacoste
Provence Lavender in late June near Sault
The Tourist Information Center in Avignon (at the TGV Station or in the city) and those in the villages will have maps showing roads that will take you through the villages in the heart of lavender productions.

one hour drive east of Avignon, the town of Gordes centers a region of villages engaged in lavender production.  These  include Rousillon, Menerbes, Lacoste, Bonnieux,  and the Abbaye de Senanque.

To the North,  the hilltop village of Sault centers another region of lavender agriculture.
High speed train from Paris Gare de Lyon Station takes under  three hours to reach the Avignon TGV station where rental cars are available.
Lacoste attracts artists to its school. Plien air painters work in the one-street village that was once home to the Marque de Sade.  Hikes of three to six miles round trip are possible between these villages.  Part of the hike will be on road part through agricultural fields. The Village of Gordes has a tourist info center
Lavender fields in the hills near Sault on the Plateau de Vaucluse bloom in late June for a mid July harvest.  Higher elevations peak in mid July
Mines in the hills near Rousillon supply the minerals for ochre colorant used in oil paints
The fields around Gordes and Goult  glow with lavender ripening for an early to mid July harvest.  Good roads connect the villages, some built by the Romans in the first century.
Provence Lavender Trail, The South of France
Villages in Lavender Country
The Provence Lavender Trail through The South of France is a series of roads that follow production of Provence  Lavender in the area east of Avignon.  
The driving trip on the village roads east and north east of Avignon goes through  hill Country and  offers Great Hiking, Biking, and Sightseeing  in the South of France
Hiking and biking in lavender country is not as easy as it is in the flatter terrain  to the south planted to olive groves and vineyards.  Lavender country in Provence takes on the foothill look and as you travel north towards the center of lavender production in Sault you approach Mount Ventoux.
Restaurants to write home about:
In Mouries    the Valon de Gayet,          in
Apt,  La  Manade,          in Avignon,  La Fourchette.
Rousillon Terrace
Provence Lavender in late June
Provence Lavender in late June near Goult
Provence Lavender in late June
Provence Lavender in late June
Provence Lavender in late June
Provence Lavender Museum near Gordes.
If you didn't know that it was a lavender museum you would think they were honoring moonshine, but the process is similar; lavender goes through a distilling process to release and concentrate the oils that will eventually become perfumes and medicines, cleaning agents and healing oils that we find on our market shelves.
Maps of lavender regions available at the gift shop
Several lavender mills in the regions are open during the production season, End of June through July.  There is also a museum near Gordes, The museum in the village of Coustellet on the road from Avignon to Apt, near Bonnieux and Gordes, tells the history of lavender production in the area.  The Musee De La Lavande: The Lincele' Family's Lavender Museum.  
Driving Through Lavender Country, Provence the South of France
Provence  Lavender Trail in the South of France is a driving tour through Provence lavender country. The flowers come ripe at the end of June and the fields are full of purple around Gordes, Apt, and Sault, the centers of lavender production.
Good roads connect the villages.  For hiking or biking, there are many back roads connecting the villages.
The Village of Sault is higher in elevation and has a later ripening of the lavender than the area around Gordes and Apt.
The Provence Lavender Trail in The South of France follows production of Provence Lavender.
The driving trip east of Avignon goes through hill Country and offers Great Hiking, Biking, and Sightseeing in the South of France
Provence Lavender ready for a July harvest
Abbey de Senanque near Gordes, Provence
Gordes Provence
Reach Provence
  • Air
International flights serve Paris, Marseilles,  Locals Nimes and Avignon.
  • Train
TGV Fast trains serve Avignon and Nimes from Paris.  Local trains serve Arles
  • Auto
Rental cars are available at the TGV Stations in Paris, Avignon, and Nimes.  Available also in Arles.
AutoEurope is available in Avignon at the TGV  train station.
Shop for your rental car online well  ahead of your trip and choose diesel (more economical) or gas, luggage space,(important)  standard or automatic,(important)  two door, four door and other options.    
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Provence Lavender ripening for the July harvest
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