Provence Traditions,  South of France
Provence Traditions, Vineyard, South of France
Provence Hiking,  South of France
Provence Traditions, Market Day South of France
Provence Traditions, Market Day South of France
Provence Traditions, Market Day South of France
Provence Traditions, Market Day South of France
Provence Traditions, Market Day South of France
St. Sixte Chapel just a mile from Eygalieres is a site of traditional pilgrimage..

Provence Traditions, South of France

Wednesday market in Mouries
provides fresh ingredients for a cooking vacation.

The Provence Culinary Vacation
The month of June will bring cherries,  apricots, and melons  ripe to the June markets and make this month a great time for a culinary adventure.

Provence Traditional Markets

The weekly markets will supply the Traditional Provence ingredients for many healthy recipes that can be big part of a culinary vacation.
In June the markets will provide the fresh ingredients for many traditional Provence vegetable recipes which will include tomato, zucchini,  and eggplant.
June brings freshness to simple Provence dessert recipes of cherries, apricots, peaches and the markets will provide artisan Provence goat cheese and the jugs of Cotes du Rhone.
Bring your own jugs to the vineyard and mill for wine and olive oil

Traditions of Provence,  The South Of France

Provence Tradition, Market Day in the South of France

Fontvieille has its market days on Monday and Friday
Saint Remy-de-Provence holds its market on Wednesday in the center of the old city
Saint Martin de Crau has a
Friday Market
Maussane Les Alpilles has a Thursday Market
Provence Traditions, Market Day South of France
Provence Traditions, Market Day South of France
Provence Traditions, Market Day South of France
Aix-En-Provence holds ten Market days in various locations
Saints Maries de La Mer holds market days on Monday and Friday
Marseilles holds 25 different markets with an everyday market and fish market at the Old Port,
Provence, South of France
Provence Traditions, Market Day South of France
Eygalieres holds a Friday market
Ten markets in Aix-en-Provence
Aurielle: Thursday traditional Market
Cassis: Wednesday and Friday markets
Salon de Provence: six markets, every day but Thursday  
Provence Markets Rated the Best by locals

Monday: Cavaillon, Fontvieille
Tuesday: Istres
Wednesday: Saint Remy, Mouries
Thursday: Bouc Bel Air, Aurielle, Maussane Les Alpilles
Friday: Tarascon, Istres, Cassis
Saturday: Arles, Apt
Sunday: Jouques, Plan de Orgon

Provence Agricultural Traditions

The romance of Provence wells from the love of the people for tradition.  You see it in the fields, the farmhouses, and the food, a clinging to the old style and the old ways out of a reverence for a life lived in harmony with the land, a land that with a little encouragement, gives back abundant life.

Religious Festival

The St. Sixte festival in Eygalieres, for example, demonstrates this love of tradition. Eygalieres has revered St. Sixte since 1155 AD when they built a chapel to honor his memory. The people of Eygalieres dedicated the chapel in 1222 on a site about a mile east of the village center. Each year on the Tuesday after Easter the people of Eygalieres carry a likeness of St. Sixte out of the village and they walk along the Orgon road  to the St, Sixte chapel. There they celebrate a catholic mass in the language of old Provence: Provencals.
Provence, South of France
St. Laurent Chapel in Eygalieres.

Religious Traditions Eygalieres

Provence Traditions in the South of France include the Saint Sixte Festival in Eygalieres where the people have celebrated since 1222 a procession that goes back much further than that.
The Saint Sixte Chapel occupies a low promontory that once held a neolithic temple to the stone-age God of water.
A spring once issued from the rocks where the chapel now stands and the first agriculturalists made annual springtime pilgrimages to ask the gods for favorable rains.

Provence Festival

Today this procession to the Saint Sixte Chapel includes the Guardians of the Camargue, cowboys riding their white horses. They guard the black bulls of the Camargue in modern times but in earlier Christian Provence, they guarded the Maries de la Mere of tradition, two women related to Christ who came to Provence across the Mediterranean shortly after the crucifixion.
The Guardians protect the statue of St Sixte and they march with people honoring another tradition, the ladies and gentlemen of Arles dressed in 18 th and 19th century costume (1780s-1890s) who celebrate the traditions of Arles.  The impressionist painters of the 1880s included these costumes in their work.
These festival always end with another tradition dear the people of Provence, food, the traditional food of Provence: rice from the Camargue, lamb from the Alpilles Hills, wine from the banks of the Rhone.
The tradition in Arles will be rice paella because to the south, the low wet land of the Camargue is ideal for the growing of rice.  In Eygalieres and the Alpilles it will be barbecued lamb because the hills nurture huge flock of sheep.
Cavaillon, Fall will bring the grape harvest, fresh olive tapinades, and harvest festivals.
Saint Remy's Wednesday Market
Provence Traditions,Camargue Horses,  South of France
Provence Traditions, Bull events,  South of France
Provence Camargue Horses are used in the traditional festivals such as bull events
In Provence, Camargue bull Festivals, the Gardians of the Camargue herd bulls through the streets
Provence Traditions in the South of France include non lethal bull fighting events with  the Camargue cowboys who herd the bulls through the streets into the arena
Provence Traditions, Bull Fighting, South of France
Provence Traditional Non-lethal bull fighting
Wednesday and Saturday Markets in  Arles,
Provence Traditions in the South of France include market days, Camargue horsemanship events, Gypsy Festivals, Arles costumed events, religious procession, and non-lethal bull fighting.
South of France traditions include the Fontvieille Market and a hike to the Daudet Windmill.
Provence Traditions, Market Day South of France
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Hotels in Arles Shop 20 hotels in Arles
Reach Provence From Paris
  • Air
International flights serve Paris, Marseilles,  Local flights reach Nimes and Avignon.
  • Train
TGV Fast trains serve Avignon, Aix,  Nimes, and Marseilles from Paris.  Local trains serve Arles from Avignon.
  • Auto
Rental cars are available at CDG and at the TGV Stations in Paris, Avignon, Marseilles, and Nimes.  Available also in Arles.
AutoEurope is available in Avignon at the TGV  train station.
Traditional Provence sheep herding creates trails and farm roads great for Provence Hiking in the South of France
Provence Traditions include Market Day
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