Provence Cooking, Olive Oil and Herbs de Provence
Healthy  Cooking on a Provence Culinary Vacation
Provence Cooking with  Olive Oil and Herbs of Provence will be Healthy Cooking during a Provence Culinary Vacation.
Provence recipes are simple enough but the cuisine depends on local meat and  ripe fresh vegetables and fruits,  
North,  you can go to the country and interesting old ruins in fields of rosemary and rocky outcrops sprouting thyme. South,  you can go to the Camargue and see the white horses roaming free. There you will find rice growing and the Camargue sea salt for serving at the table
Stuffed squash and stuffed tomatoes: A combination of beef, wild boar sausage, thyme, oregano and left over French bread is mixed in a grinder after the meat is cooked. The stuffing is inserted in the hollowed out zucchini squash and tomato. The caps are replaced after a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese. They go in the oven for about an hour. The caps of tomato blacken as the juices intensify and mix with the stuffing  
The Camargue is noted for its horses, bulls,  and its salt. The people evaporate sea water and harvest the salt in a huge operation near the mouth of the Rhone River. The salt is available throughout Provence and you will find it for use at the table  rather than salting the food while cooking.
Stuffed squash and tomatoes served with chicken soup, minced chicken and thyme canapes, sliced fruit with goats cheese, and Cotes Du Rhone
Foraging for herbs along the old canals make  interesting walks. Both sides have flat trails where mules once pulled barges.
Culinary Vacation in Provence
Sea Salt  from the Provence Camargue is served at the table
Provence Cooking with  Olive Oil and Herbs of Provence will offer healthy cooking of Provence  
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