In every marketable photo there is a theme.  In 95% of the photos that editors buy for editorial use you will find people in an appropriate environment. See if you don't continually notice that the photos that you see in publication have an interesting background in which appropriately dressed people are engaged in an activity, be it trade, profession, church attendance, parenting, or travel.
If you wish to make better or marketable photos of your travel vacation, study your favorite travel  magazine.

Upgrade Your Technical Skills
Marketable photos in a magazine, newspaper, or text book are technically sound with easily understood story-telling impact. You must evenly expose your photos with no dark shadows or extreme contrast and you should, in most cases, strive for sharp focus throughout, although the current style is to have motion blur and soft focus.
Involve the foreground, mid ground, and background; waste no space but try to keep the message simple.

Fill Flash will be one of your most important tools when photographing friends and family; it will even out exposure especially when making photos of people wearing wide-brimmed hats.
The two-stop graduated neutral density filter could be your most important filter for balancing exposure when making a landscape or cityscape photo.
A handy tool to steady the camera and give you sharp images will be important. Although a tripod might be forbidden in many situations the beanbag or Joby's new Gorillapod will do the job.
These techniques and many others are covered in the above book,  
Sell Your Digital Travel Photos.  
ISO: Use the low numbers: 50-100 unless you have a special situation or a photo with dramatic editorial content.
You can gain depth of field (sharpness) by steadying the camera while using a slow shutter speed and a smaller aperture(larger number like f 22) if your camera has these settings.  A tripod, bean bag, or Joby Gorillapod  will steady the camera and prevent camera shake at the low ISO numbers and slow shutter speed..
For each horizontal photo you make, you should make one vertical for variety in your printing or presentation. For editorial use these are important and can become magazine covers.

Vary your viewpoint: shoot high, shoot low, shoot left and right; shoot wide, shoot tight; make it interesting.
This book shows how to Make Travel Photos That You Can Sell
Publish Your Travel Photos
Learn the techniques needed to Sell Your  Travel Photos
Joby Gorillapod, a great tripod for sites, churches tabletops.
Make Better Travel Photos and Get them Published
Some of this information is taken from the book pictured to the right, a new book that will take all the mystery out of having your digital travel photos published.

A travel photo can be of nearly any subject including a slot canyon,  a marvelous creation of nature.  Although they are not easy to get to, they can provide some great photo opportunities to make marketable travel photos.
Mid day is the best time. At noon the sun will be overhead and will light up the walls in interesting and contrasting ways. A tripod is a good tool to have in this low light situation. There are other tools that can make your Grand Canyon or slot canyon photos more successful
Stock Photos
Slot canyons have been done by some of the best.  You can improve your photos of slot canyons or any other location by looking at the photos done by the pros in the on-line stock agencies.  You can get an inkling how you might approach the situation, how you might improve on what has been done in the past.  
You Can Sell Your Digital Travel Photos if you learn what type of photos will sell and then find the editors who buy travel photos
No Shipping Fee
This is a good way to improve your travel photos of slot canyons or any other subject; look at a lot of other people's photos.  Ugh you might say, too boring.
Perhaps, but you can look at thousands of top-notch photos of slot canyons and other travel destinations in just a few minutes by looking at stock photos on the web.
Check samples of the stock house or portals on the web, paying particular attention to the theme or message and the style and quality of the photographs.
Check:, Agpix, and a dozen others.  Go to their category, enter slot canyon and look at the work of others. You don't need to copy, just get an idea of how to begin, what you like, what you do not.    
You can do this with any photo vacation; find the place where you will vacation and look at the iconic photos: better than looking at postcards.
Before you head out look at lots of slot canyon photos and try to find a unique approach to the subject.

If you are serious about a photo sideline, you might find that you can improve your photo making in two ways: Technical and Thematic
There might be no better feeling for you as a photographer than to walk into Borders Books and see a photo that you made on the cover of a magazine
If you love taking photos when you travel why not look into having them published
    You probably already make photos of publishable quality.
    In this book  Read how to make marketable photos that editors will pay to use in publication.
    Once you are making marketable photos, this book shows how to find and approach the editors who buy travel photos.
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