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Puerto Escondido, Camping On Oaxaca's Pacific Coast Beaches,

Playa Principal is home to Puerto
Escondido's fishing fleet.  Just
outside the campgrounds you
can buy fillets from the ladies that
clean the fish each day.  The
boats start coming in about 7:00
The wives and families of the
fishermen will fillet a fish to order
and serve it fresh in a take home
bag or they will cook it for you on
a charcoal grille

Puerto Escondido Fishing

How to Get To  Puerto Escondido
In Oaxaca City, info
Tourist Information Center
Secretaria de Tourismo
703 Ave Benito Juarez
Colonial Center,Oaxaca
Tel.  951-516-0123
How to Get There
From the Zocalo go 8 blocks
north and three blocks east to
Llano Park  They are in the
building housing the Theatre.
Buses leave Oaxaca's first class ADO terminal bound for Juchitan, Salina Cruz, Huatulco. Pochutla and
Puerto Escondido
Buses leave Oaxaca City's
second class terminal for Pochutla and Puerto Escondido.
Collectivos (camionetta)in Pochutla make runs to Mazunte, Puerto Angel, and Zipolite beaches.
Local buses run along the coast road and connect all the coastal towns and villages   
Air Service reaches
Puerto Escondido from Oaxaca City, via
Aerotucan and Aerovega.     Also from Mexico City
Driving: south of Acapulco on coastal Route 200.  From Oaxaca City.  Highway 175 out of Oaxaca City or
Highway 131.  Highway 175 goes to Pochutla where you pick up Highway 200 north for 40 miles to Puerto
Escondido.  Highway 175 is is less direct but usually is in better condition than Highway 135.

Puerto Escondido Eco Tours

Six miles west of Puerto Escondido at the  Manialtepec Lagoon
(Laguna de Manialtepec) you can
rent kayaks and take boat tours
into the mangroves to observe animals and birds including
spoonbills, storks, pelicans and cranes and a variety of migratory
birds that feed among the mangroves.   
Restaurant La Puesta del Sol  951-588-3867  Sea Food,  Kayak
rentals, Boat tours
La Flor del Pacifico Restaurant seafood and Kayak rental/ boat

Puerto Escondido Diving

Puerto Escondido has a PADI dive
shop at the center of Play Principal
as you face the ocean.  They will
provide all equipment, lessons,
local info and boat trips. Cove
beach dive spots for scuba and
snorkel are Playa (beach)
Carrizalillo,  and Puerto Angelito

Puerto Escondido

Playa Zicatela is
Puerto Escondido's
surfing beach with an
annual November
international competition.  

This beach is open to the
ocean and can have 20
foot waves, not
recommended for

Tandem skydiving,
skateboard contests and
bikini contests during the
November competitions
add to the excitement.

Puerto Escondido Swimming

The protected beaches in Puerto
Escondido are Playa Marinero
and Playa Principal,  in the center
of the village.  Others are Playa
(beach) Carrizalillo in Puerto
Angelito, and Playa Carrizalillo in
protected coves a little north west
of the village center (3/4 mile)
Free parking on the hill above the

Puerto EscondidoCampgrounds

Puerto Escondido offers RV
and tent camping on Playa
Principal.  Two parks offer tenting
and RV camping at the edge of the
See Rubin at the
Palma de Cortez
for a site.  $45 pesos per person.  
$60 pesos for the vehicle.

Palma de Cortez is right beside the
fishermen's landing  and the beach
where the fishing boats pull up on
the beach.

Oaxaca Mexico offers  several
great beaches including famed
surfing beach, Zicatela.

Two campgrounds in the center
of the village offer tent and RV
Puerto Escondido camping is available on Oaxaca's Pacific
Coast in the Relaxed Fishing Community of Beaches,
Surfing Zicatela and Partying on Oaxaca's Pacific Coast
Puerto Escondido shopping at Playa Principal on the Pacific Coast beaches of Oaxaca
Puerto Escondido offers shopping
in the Pacific Coast beach village
Hotels Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido's Zicatela Beach the famed surfing beach holds
two annual competitions with the annual November international
competition the best known.  (August- November) This beach
is open to the ocean and is not recommended for swimming.

Puerto Escondido Camping

Camping sites are on the safer swimming
beach, located in the center of the village, Playa Principal,  
to the left as you face the ocean where the fishing fleet is
Two campgrounds offering tent and RV sites are in the
palms just behind where the boats are pulled up on the

Just to the right of this photo two
campgrounds offer RV and tent
camping on Playa Principal.  See
Rubin at the Palma de Cortez for a
site.  $45 pesos per person.  $60
pesos for the vehicle..
Just in front of the campground at Playa Principal the fishermen through nets to catch bait.
Fishermen cast nets to catch bait fish,  
later long-lined for Marlin, Tuna, and
Puerto Escondido sunset at Playa Principal
Sightseeing at Puerto Escondido, the Pacific Coast beach of Playa Principal
the Puerto Escondido fishing fleet brings the fish in each morning for preparation by the  wives and families.
Puerto Escondido Playa Zicatela is
located to the left of  Playa Principal as
you face the ocean near the place where
the fishing fleet is moored.
At Zicatela Beach try Restaurante El
Caficito,  great breakfast free WiFi
Puerto Escondido Surfing
Bus Fares,Puerto Escondido  
Puerto Escondido Tours
Puerto Escondido Lodging
Bus Oaxaca, Pacific Coast
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Puerto Escondido

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