Puerto Escondido Hotels, Zicatela Beach and Playa Principal Hotels, Oaxaca Pacific Coast
Zicatela's main street runs beside the beach and offers hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.  There is a free WiFi  internet at several cafés

In the center of Puerto Escondido find the Fri Sat  "Cach Bar"  disco (10:00 Pm- 4:00 AM)

Zicatela Beach is a party-ready area at night.
Puerto Escondido  offers rental equipment, PADI Diving,  Ecotours to the lagoons, nightclub happy hours, luxury hotels, and five beaches.
Zicatela is fit for surfing only  but Playa Marinero to the right of Zicatela as you face the ocean has gentle waves and a life guard station.
A short drive or 3/4 mile cab ride takes you north to Puerto Angelito and two beaches in a cove or a little further to another cove, Playa Carrizalillo.

Escondido. Breakfast for $50 -60  peso: ($3.50 USD) Pancakes, fruit, and coffee, Dinner:  60-70 Pesos grilled Dorado, Guacamole, tostadas steamed vegetables.
Zicatela Beach Hotel, Villa Mexicana, on Oaxaca's Pacific Coast Surfing Beach
Zicatela Beach and Oaxaca's Pacific Coast beaches never see crowds except during the November surfing competitions and again at Christmas/ New Years week and at Easter Week.
August and November surfing competitions liven up Zicatela with surfing, skateboarding, bikini contests, and fishing tournaments.  
Hotels on the beach road are plentiful and varied

Restaurante El Caficito on Zicatela, great breakfast free WiFi
Zicatela Beach  is  open to ocean waves and recommended for surfers only.
In Puerto Escondido you can find hostels,cabanas, and posadas for as little as 150  pesos a night $7.50 USD up to $150.00 USD
Other beaches in Puerto Escondido offer beginning surfing, kayaking,  Eco touring, seafood restaurants, and lively nightlife.
Zicatela Beach
Oaxaca's famous surfing beach is located well south of  Acapulco in the fishing village of Puerto Escondido.  Zicatela Beach is renown in international surfing lore for its high waves.  European travelers, and  independent travelers visit Puerto Escondido for the ecotourism and for the other quiet beaches.
The attraction for most visitors to Zicatela is the surfing and ecotours.

Lodging can be found for $15  and up per night  USD except during Christmas and Easter weeks.  
You can book a hotel with pool and restaurant right on the beach road. 450-800 Peso a night is the average room rate for full service hotels.
  • Air
Oaxaca's Zicatela Beach can be reached by air from Oaxaca's airport (OAX) to Puerto Escondido or from Mexico City and then by cab to the beach.
  • First Class Bus
From the terminals in Huatulco and Pochutla. first class bus service via OCC Bus runs north along the coast.
First Class Bus service leaves the first class ADO terminal in Oaxaca City for Huatulco and then Pochutla and Puerto Escondido (10-11 hours)
  • Second Class Bus
service leaves Oaxaca City's Second Class terminal and goes over the mountains to Puerto Escondido or to Pochutla.  (8 hours)
  • Van Service
Vans from Oaxaca City  make runs many times daily to Pochutla. (6 hours)  for 120 Pesos
The mountain driving can be tough on those prone to motion sickness.
  • Van Details
Puerto Escondido Vans, Details
Transportation to Zicatela
Zicatela Dorada Resort
Zicatela Beach Hotels
Hotels line the Pacific Coast surfing beach,  Zicatela.   The popular beach runs for about a mile where you find lodging in all price ranges.

  • Zicatela Dorada Resort
Dorado is on the main road running parallel to the beach. Pool, Wifi, ventilator, parking,

  • Hotel Arco Iris
The Hotel Arco Iris offers a seafood restaurant, laundry services, bar, pool, gym, internet, parking, baby sitting services, and tours from the hotel. $60 USD and up

  • Hotel Olas Atlas
Hotel Olas Atlas offers pool, cable tv, AC, internet, restaurant

  • Bungalos Puerta del Sol
Puerta del Sol offers bungalos pool, communal kitchen
  • Surf Hostel
Surf Hostel

  • Bungalos Zicatela
Bungalos Zicatela is on Morro Street, across from Zicatela Beach.  Restaurant, Bar, pool, jacuzzi, cable tv, ventilator, 600-800 pesos except Christmas and Easter
01 054 5820798

  • Hotel Swiss Oasis
Hotel Swiss Oasis, charming, small with pool, wifi, hot water, and a community kitchen. Located on Zicatela beach.  400-600 Peso except Christmas and Easter

  • Papaya Surf
Papaya Surf on Zicatela offers AC, kitchen, fridge, pool, bar, restaurant, hammock
Zicatela Beach Hotels in Oaxaca on the Pacific Coast front the surfing beach Zicatela in Puerto Escondido, South Central Mexico's State
Puerto Escondido Hotels include Hotels on Zicatela Beach and hotels in the downtown area near Playa Principal and Playa Marinero.
Zicatela Beach Hotels line the road along the surfing beach and give easy access to Zicatela's  tube waves.
Hotel Olas Atlas offers pool, cable tv, AC, internet, restaurant
Bungalos Zicatela across from Zicatela Beach offers  restaurant, bar, pool, jacuzzi, cable tv,
  • Hotel Santa Fe
The hotel Santa Fe offers a quiet location on Zicatela but away from the center of the activity.  The hotel offers a restaurant noted for vegetarian food, a pool, and proximity to the calm water beach at Playa Marinero,  just at the beginning of Zicatela Blvd, close to Playa Marinero and Playa Zicatela
Zicatela Beach offers a Lifeguard station on the beach, but Playa Zicatela is not a swimming beach; it is dangerous for recreational swimmers due to large waves, undertow, and rip currents.
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