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Quebec City, Canada, Sightseeing Upper City
  • Heritage Site
Quebec City is a Heritage Site full of history and makes a great city for walking
international charm with European style architecture in the public buildings adds to the walking experience.
In the upper City there are many public parks and historical museums  and a wide range of walking and sightseeing trails in  open public space high above the St. Lawrence at the old forts were sightseeing is great with views  of boats on the St Lawrence River. .

Many parks are devoted to outdoor recreation, hiking,  biking , walking, and sightseeing.
  • Quebec Lower City
A stairway and elevator  leads from the upper city  to the lower level sections of Quebec City along the St. Lawrence River.
This area is the cruise ship port and several pedestrian only streets given over to a wide range of shopping and dining options.
  • Bike and Walking Trails
There is a bike and walking trail along the river with great sightseeing in the Old Port Vieux Port.
Forts above the St. Lawrence River provide hiking, biking, and views
A Quebec City Canada Sightseeing Vacation will offer views from the upper city and much to see in a small and easily walked city.
You can walk through the upper part of the city and get great views of the St. Lawrence River and the cruise ships from the parks and old forts.  
To Reach Quebec City by Air:  Québec City Airport is seven miles southwest of the city,  
Jean Lesage International Airport:  (
YQB),   Public transportation (RTC)  buses reach the city center.
To Reach Quebec City by Auto:  from Vermont Follow I-91 to the Canadian Border  The highway changes to Route 55 North.  Follow to exit 173 and enter Highway # 20 towards Quebec City.  Enter highway 73 North      across the river and take a right towards Boulevard Laurier.  
to Canada's VIA Rail for the trip to Quebec's Gare du Palais (station)  in the city center.(3 hours)
Quebec City, Upper City Sightseeing from the Chateau Frontenac above Old Port
Quebec City Canada Sightseeing
St Louis Gate
Quebec City Canada offers shopping and sightseeing streets
Quebec City Canada offers shopping and sightseeing on pedestrian-only streets
Quebec City,  
Upper City sightseeing
Quebec City,  Upper City Sightseeing
The charm of Upper Québec shines in the old City.  A once fortified city rimmed by walls and stone gates, the European style buildings and cobblestone streets of upper Quebec City lead out to the battlefields and the city’s fortifications.

  • Chateau Frontenac
A popular hotel with great views of the city and river, the towering Château Frontenac is an enduring icon of Quebec City.  Beside the hotel there is a grand walkway with views of the St. Lawrence River.
  • Promenade des Gouveneurs
Look for the Promenade des Gouveneurs for half mile walk along the upper ramparts of the old city.

  • Public Buildings
Grande Allée Avenue is a popular walking street.  The avenue leads past the old Parliament Building where the Quebec Government meets and where tours are available.  Grande Allee runs beside several historic military buildings along Cap Diamant near the offices of Quebec City Tourism.

  • Fortified City
Grande Allee Avenue turns into Rue St Louis and runs through the Saint-Louis Gate, the entrance through the walls that once rimmed the old city; the gate leads into the once fortified city of Quebec.
Here find the Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site of Canada, where walking trails lead to fortifications that encircle the city.  
Follow the Cote de la Citadelle to the fortifications where you have views of the St Lawrence River and lower city.
At the Citadelle de Québec, and Royal 22 Régiment Museum, military history of Quebec and tours of the buildings are offered.  To the southeast, the ramparts of the old forts offer good views of the St. Lawrence River.   

  • Shopping and Dining
Rue Saint-Louis (St. Louis Street)  offers restaurants, and boutique-shopping at the park beside the Château Frontenac.
On the Rue de Tresor a popular stop for lunch is the Auberge du Tresor.  

  • Cathedral.
Continue a walk down Rue de Trésor  (one bock north) which leads to Rue de Baude  
Find artisans in this area and the Notre Dame de Quebec Cathedral with its great artwork
Chateau Frontenac is a popular hotel with great views of the city and river.  Beside the towering Château Frontenac  there is a grand walkway with views of the St. Lawrence River.
Quebec's Upper City Canada offers international style shopping, dining, and sightseeing
Quebec City,  Upper City Sightseeing, St Louis Gate
Quebec City, Upper City Sightseeing from the Chateau Frontenac
Quebec City, Upper City Sightseeing near the Chateau Frontenac
Quebec City funicular connects Upper and lower City Sightseeing
Quebec City, Upper City Sightseeing
Quebec City,  Upper City Sightseeing via horse-drawn carriage
Quebec City, Upper City Sightseeing from the Chateau Frontenac above the port
Quebec City, Upper City Sightseeing at the Chateau Frontenac
Quebec City,  Upper City Sightseeing offers views of the Saint Lawrence River
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