Quebec City, Sightseeing Lower Quebec City
Quebec's Lower City
Quebec's Lower City is great  for walking and sightseeing because of the many pedestrian-only streets.  

The Lower Quebec City offers the sightseer Old World architecture with European charm.  
You can walk from the upper city or use the funicular to reach a wide range of dining, shopping, and walking and biking options.
There is a wakway / bikeway along the St Lawrence River below the old forts were sightseeing is great, with views  of cruise ships on the St Lawrence River. .
This walking and bike trail along the river's bank extends for many miles from the cruise ship dock.
Many parks are devoted to outdoor recreation, hiking,  biking , walking, and sightseeing.
The center of Quebec City is small and easily walked.  
A stairway and elevator  lead to a lower level along the St. Lawrence River that  is given over to a wide range of shopping and dining options.
There is a bike and walking trail along the river with great sightseeing in the Old Port  or Vieux Port.
A Sightseeing Vacation in Quebec City includes the small and easily walked lower Quebec City.
European Style buildings and  trails along the St. Lawrence River to the cruise ship terminals and ferry docks are below the walls of the old forts.  
The lower city is connected by a stairway,  funicular, (elevator) and roads.  
The lower level  includes the Vieux Port, the docks where cruise ships arrive.
To Reach Quebec City by Air:  Québec City Airport is seven miles southwest of the city,  
Jean Lesage International Airport:  (
YQB),   Public transportation (RTC)  buses reach the city center.
To Reach Quebec City by Auto:  from Vermont Follow I-91 to the Canadian Border  The highway changes to Route 55 North.  Follow to exit 173 and enter Highway # 20 towards Quebec City.  Enter highway 73 North      across the river and take a right towards Boulevard Laurier.  
to Canada's VIA Rail for the trip to Quebec's Gare du Palais (station)  in the city center.(3 hours)
For Quebec Lower City Sightseeing take the funicular to the lower level of the City where pedestrian-only streets leads to the Vieux Port (Old Port) and a walking and bike trail along the piers, cruise ships and the St. Lawrence River.  
Quebec City Canada offers sightseeing on the old forts and pedestrian-only streets
Quebec City Canada's Lower City  offers sightseeing, shopping, and dining on pedestrian-only streets
View of the old port and lower City from the walkway beside the Hotel Frontenac
The funicular near the Hotel Frontenac leads to  pedestrian-only streets for shopping and dining, the Old Port, and a walking an bike trail along the piers, cruise ships and the St. Lawrence River.
Lower Quebec City is reached by an elevator, stairways, or streets.
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