River Cruise Europe, On The Danube River to Budapest Aboard the Avalon Poetry
Nancy Santry
Prague is a Beautiful City;
I had heard how wonderful it was and enjoyed touring all the highlights of the city.  
Prague Palace, Old Town and the Charles Bridge can’t be missed.  We even got to go to a Czech dinner one evening that included folklore dancing and all the beer and wine you would like.
My husband George and I took a River Cruise from Prague on the Danube River.

We sailed the
Danube River from Passau, Germany to Budapest, Hungary on the Avalon Waterways River Cruises on the Vessel Poetry.  

The 12 day tour left from
Boston, MA to Heathrow, London and then on to Prague, Czech Republic where we met the people from Globus tours.

The tour included 3 nights at the modern
Prague Hilton which we liked, including the quirky slot machines.  
If you won or wanted to get your money you had to call an attendant.
This is Page One of six pages recounting the trip
On the day we were to leave for the riverboat in Nuremburg we had a change of plans due to low water in the Danube River. The closest the boat could get to us was in Passau, Germany.  This is something that happens on river cruises, if the river is to shallow the boat can’t get up the river and if the rivers to high the boat can’t get under the bridges.
Due to missing two cities we stayed in Passau two extra days and were given motor coach tours to Nuremburg and Regensburg. Tours of each city you visit is included with the cost of the cruise.  We took the tour to Regensburg, Germany.
Regensburg is a lovely city on the river. While there we had lunch that included German sausages with plenty of time afterward to explore the city and do some shopping.
Nancy Santry has worked in the art department of a large newspaper, a cable television station and is currently working in the art department of a major supermarket chain.
Photographing first as a hobby and now in her own small business, Nancy's photographs have won many art show honors and have been published in Tourism brochures.
Nancy concentrates on photographing New England scenes but also loves traveling and photographing in Europe.
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Cruising the Danube River from Passau, Germany to Budapest, Hungary
Text and Photos By Nancy Santry
We Took A River Cruise through Europe On The Danube River aboard the River Cruise Ship Avalon Poetry.  We Cruised Through Old World Europe From Passau Germany to Budapest Hungary with Avalon Waterways River Cruises
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