Glanum house built in the  Roman settlement of Glanum near St. Remy de Provence.
Roman Forum Glanum
Roman Ruins in Provence, The South of France.
Sightseeing  Ancient Rome in Provence, Glanum
The Roman arena in the City of Arles centers of the old city
Avignon and the area of St Remy de Provence were important to Roman agricultural interests.
The Romans  built a center at Glanum atop a former Celtic town of Greek Style buildings.
The Rhone River provided a shipping lane for wine and grain from Avignon and Roman Arles.
Glanum, Roman City Near Saint Remy
Roman Ruin of Glanum Near St Remy
The Roman Forum, built in the latter half of the first century BC
The most significant Roman Center  in Provence perhaps, Glanum lay abandoned since the third century AD until 1921 excavations revealed an extensive group of monumental buildings.  
Roman Ruins in Provence, The South of France, can be found near St. Remy at Glanum and at Arles. To the north find ruins in Avignon, Cavaillon, and Orange. The Roman Ruins in Provence make great sightseeing.
Roman Bridge, Pont Julien, Provence, Near Gordes and Lacoste
Roman Bridge, 2000 year old  Pont Julien Near Gordes and Bonnieux in Provence
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Information for those renting a vehicle in France
The Roman arena in the City of Arles centers of the old city and is still used for events
Glanum: An Ancient Roman Center in The Alpilles Mountains, Provence,
The South of France
The first Century BC, Roman colony and Center of Glanum fell to Germanic invaders in 260 AD and lay in ruins until excavations began in 1921.
  • First Century BC Roman Ruins
By the 1st Century BC the Romans were farming and colonizing the area now called Provence.  The area along the Rhone River was a Roman Province by 50 BC, thus the name Provence.
Glanum was built on the remnants of Greek style buildings  built by Celto-Ligurian  settlers in a natural pass below the Alpilles mountains near what is now St. Remy.     The Alpilles are low rocky hills and scattered peaks, none higher than 1,200 feet.   The Alpilles Range runs from the Rhone near Arles where it flattens, east to the Durance River. North and east of the durance the range is called the Luberon Range and then the Vaucluse as they go north and east  towards the Alps.  
The Romans built settlements like Glanum and Arles and they built extensive roads and aqueducts, now ruins, that you come upon while hiking in the Alpilles.      
The buildings at Glanum occupied a natural pass through the rocky Alpilles
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