Index To Archaeological Ruin Sites In Mexico

Ruin Sites Open To The Public in Mexico

The ruins sites open for tours number one hundred and eighty seven listed as public by INAH, Mexico's Institute of Anthropology and History.
UNESCO lists Mexico as one of the
world's top 10 nations for archaeological sites. Along with the sites open for visitors there are another 32,000 listed but not developed and in many cases not excavated.  Archaeologist believe that there are many more yet to be discovered and cataloged.

Ruin Sites Mexico, El Tajin, Veracruz
Article: Teotihuacan
Teotihuacan Ruin Site can be reached by bus service from Terminal North in Mexico City or from Poza Rica.
ADO serves Poza Rica from Jalapa and other cities including Tuxpan. Regular service from Mexico City Terminal Norte and local buses make frequent runs north east from Mexico City.
Teotihuacan's most notable building, the Pyramid of the Sun  is the highest and 2nd largest ancient structure in Mexico.......

Reaach Ruin sites from Mexico City Bus Terminals

Archaeological Sites

Sites Open To the Public in Mexico number One Hundred and Eighty Seven

Archeological Ruin sites in Mexico number in the thousands with over one hundred eighty seven open daily to the public.  Use the INAH index to plan a visit.
Palenque ruin site Chiapas
Palenque Ruin Site, Chiapas
Palenque Ruin Site, Temple of the Inscriptions
Tula Ruin Site, Hidalgo, Mexico

Tula Ruin Site is located in Hidalgo Mexico , north of Mexico City.

Mitla Ruin Site, Oaxaca
Chichen Itza, Ruin Site
Casas Grandes Ruin Site
\Tzintzuntzan museum artifact
Teotihuacan near Mexico City is the best known of the large sites.  Oaxacs has a concentration of sites near the city and the other notable sites are those of the Maya, located in Chiapas and on the Yucatan Peninsula.
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