San Blas Surfing, Mexico Pacific Coast, Nayarit Beaches
In San Blas, Just below the Tropic of Cancer on Mexico's Pacific Coast, where Pacific Ocean meets the Bay of Cortez,  a beach once produced the longest surfable wave and made the Guinness book of world Records
San Blas became notable in surfing lore as the beach with the longest surfable wave,  waves a quarter mile long are common on San Blas's Matanchen Bay. (Matachen on some maps) Its 5700 foot wave has made the Guinness book of Worlds records as the longest measured ride. The seabed at Matanchen has changed since that record was set and the title has gone to other beaches around the world but the reputation of Matanchen Beach and San Blas stand in surfing lore.
San Blas is noted for its surfing but also noted for its Ecotours.
Migratory birds, 300 types of birds (some say 500) have been reported in the vast mangroves and coastal swamps that  reach north for nearly 170 miles to Mazatlan. Other sightings report Jaguars, Coatimundi, boa constrictors, Iguanas, and dozens of other endangered mammals and reptiles.  The place remains isolated due in part to its notorious bugs called jejéns, a tiny biting insect.  Hurricanes have hurt San Blas as well.  A blessing or a curse; some see both.  The beaches are nearly deserted the
surfers have the waves to themselves; there are not many visitors.

San Blas was founded 1768 as a boat building center because of its surrounding hardwood forests.  From San Blas's Playa las Islitas Junipero Serra built a ship and departed for  his mission building in California
Grilled fish over a wood
fire, shrimp, and oysters
a specialty at San Blas
roadside restaurants.
Playa el Borrego, on the road just a mile from the center of the village of San Blas is a south-facing beach.
To the left of the photo, east on a dirt road, access  continues along the beach  that is undeveloped
Surfing Beach,Playa las Islitas on Matanchen Bay, (Matachen on some maps) is at a turn-off on the road along the beach near the La Tovara Mangrove tours, two miles east of the center of the village of San Blas.  This is an east and south facing beach at the end of a huge bay.
To the left of the photo, east on a dirt road,  access continues along the beach that is undeveloped.  
Other beaches:
Playa Los Cocos and Playa Miramar are to the right in the photo, a short distance from the center of the village.
Surfing on Borrego Beach. (Playa el Borrego)
San Blas Surfing on Mexico's Pacific Coast in Nayarit is located just below the Tropic of Cancer.  A beach in San Blas once produced the longest surfable wave and made the Guinness book of world Records
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