San Jose el Mogote, Oaxaca Ruin Site, Mexico     
North out of Oaxaca City about 7 miles on the left side.
Public bus, Collective taxi.
in the Etla Valley
Built in the valley now called Oaxaca, San Jose developed one of the first written languages found to date in Mexico.   As San Jose el Mogote Mogote lost its importance as a political center in 500 AD, the nearby hilltop city of Monte Alban emerged as the important political center in the Oaxaca Valley.

San Jose el Mogote is notable for the first use of written language in Mexico, the first ceramics, and the first use of adobe mud bricks as a building material.

San Jose El Mogote is located at 17* 20' N and 96* 59' W in the Etla Valley north of Oaxaca City.

San Jose El Mogote was settled by Zapotec builders who occupied the site until 500 BC.  The settlement had an estimated population of 2000.

San Jose El Mogote has a small museum with a great collection of stone and ceramic artifacts showing regional characteristics and an Olmec influence. The museum has a small fee and will be opened by the caretaker for your visit. Find the caretaker in the village center. Hours 9-2,  4-6

San Jose El Mogote is a small, little-developed site and rarely visited.  The  site is important to the chronology of ancient Mesoamerican culture, however becausse of its age and the Olmec influence seen in the artifacts.  Olmec ties and precursors to the buildings at the site of Monte Alban make San Jose a must visit for devotes of ancient Mexican art.
San Jose El Mogote artifacts in the small museum show an unusual diversity hinting at active trade throughout ancient Mexico
San Jose el Mogote's artifacts show an Olmec influence  that would later become a signature artistic style at Monte Alban Oaxaca's spectacular ruin just outside the modern city of Oaxaca.
Northern influence, the Rain god Tlaloc
San Jose Mogote or San Jose el Mogote as it is also it is in the Etla Valley of Oaxaca.  
San Jose el Mogote, Oaxaca Ruin Site, Mexico is an important Mesoamerican ruin site because it is the oldest stone city found to date in Mexico.
Olmec influence is found in the artifacts at the San Jose el Mogote museum.
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