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Sell Digital Travel Photos
Book,  David Hilbert

Sell Travel Photos, How To Sell Photographs Of  Your Travel Vacation

  • See Part One of this book for techniques that will
help you create photos that have value in diverse
markets: texbtooks, web magazines, newspapers,
trade magazines, travel magazines.
  • See Part Two for tips on how to present your
photos to a photo editor for consideration in a
publication or for representation by a stock agency.

Digital equipment includes cameras and computers
that make the process of getting your photos  
published much simpler than it ever was.  Now
publication is open to everyone.

This book will help you sell digital travel photos by
simplifying the process and dividing it into two parts.

We offer techniques that take the mystery out of selling
photographs for travel and trade publications, and
through stock photo agencies.

Let this book put you on the fast track to selling your
travel photos.

Tips include the  techniques you will need to make
marketable photos, that is photos that will sell.  
The book explains how to find and approach editors
who will buy your photos for publication in travel and
trade magazines and for representation by stock
Sell Your Digital Travel Photos:
This Book Covers the  Simple Process for Getting Your Travel Photos Published.  
Learn just four basic techniques and get your travel photos published
Many Photos Tips are covered in detail in this  book  
Make And Sell Digital Travel Photos
Photos that you make while on vacation can sell.  
Take a little time and care in making your travel
photos and they can help pay for your travel
  • Learn how to  create digital photos that editors will buy
  • Learn how to present proposals to a photo editor
A cover photo like this,
left,  could bring you
$500 dollars and up as
it did the photographer
on this one for a travel
A cover photo will
usually be a vertical
photo. You should,
therefore, make an
equal number of vertical
Follow the Steps in this Book and
Get Your Photos Published.
There might be no better feeling for you as a
photographer than to walk into a bookstore see a
photo that you made on the cover of a magazine
If you love taking photos when you travel why not look
into having them published
Photos sold for
inside use;
quarter page,
half page
Photos sold for Magazine Covers; Full Page
The Photos below are sample photos that have sold to travel Magazines.
Easy ,  No,   Simple and Straightforward Yes;
Learn the Techniques
Great Tips illustrated with Great Pics,   ( Amazon Review)

I found this book to be engaging and full of great tips and instructions. The black and white travel
photos inside are a joy to look at. I would like to see another book of his with just the photos, printed
larger and on glossy stock.

The book is divided into two sections: How to take good travel pictures, and then, How to sell them. ....

This is the sort of handbook that you will want to buy, read and then save to refer back to again and
It found a permanent home on my bookshelf,

This book covers all aspects of selling photographs. Drawing from his own
experience as a travel writer and photographer, the author has created a
real resource for anyone who wants to have their images published. He
gives sound advice as to how to be productive creatively and walks you
through the necessary steps to getting your images to market. I highly
recommend this book to anyone who is serious about selling their
Must Have,

I highly recommend this book. Easy to read and
understand. Even if you are not trying to sell your
photographs this book is a must have. This book
covers all the fundamental information that you have
to know on aperture son Reviews for theis
bookettings, filters, composition, etc. which will get
you the photographs you will be proud of and want to
Photographer/Travel Writer David Hilbert has written this book for beginner and
intermediate photographers
who want to publish their
travel photos.  
He has written and
photographed travel and
trade articles for 20 years
and currently is working as
a photographer on book
projects, stock photos for textbooks,  music CD covers,  catalogs,
ad campaigns, and travel
photography for the web.  
Make vacation travel photos that you can sell.  
Part One of this book shows how to make travel
photos that you can sell through stock agencies
and to magazines and web magazines.
Part Two explains  how to present your photos
to agencies and photo editors.
Good Reading,
I enjoyed this book. It has a lot of basic
information, and not so basic, well presented but
the discussion about making photos you can sell
also addresses making photos people want to look
at. If you never sell a photo, or don't really want to,
it's still worth reading.
David Hilbert Photographer , Travel Writer
Easy to understand
By Deborah  - See all my reviews
This review is from: How To Sell Your Digital Travel Photos
This is a very easy to understand and informative book. It gives all kinds of information and very
useful tips on how to sell your photos.

But it also tells you what kind of photos sell well and the different markets that exist. I found the
technical descriptions of the differences in JPEG, TIFF, RAW and other formats to be very
helpful and they cleared up my confusion.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in selling photos but it is also very helpful to
anyone interested in improving the quality of their personal photography and gaining a clearer
understanding of the technical aspects of photography.

Follow the Steps in this Book To Place Your Photos with A Stock Agency
For Publication

A stock agency handles the sale of photos for you.  They take a commision, a
percentage of the sale price.  See Chapter Eight.
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Sell Vacation
Travel Photos

I put this information together for begining and intermediate photographers who would like to get their work published
It is actually fairly simple but not easy.

There are a few details that you need to consider.
I have tried to cover all the details in non-tech language and I hope this book will help you get your photos published
Photographer David Hilbert
Here are Amazon Reviews From Owners of the Earlier Edition of this Book
Make And Sell Digital Travel Photos
Book by  David Hilbert

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