South Dakota Sightseeing, Badlands National Park
Route SD 240 through the Badlands of South Dakota is called the Loop Road or the Scenic Byway.  Along this road, Badlands NP offers campgrounds, hiking trails, viewing pullouts, trailhead parking and sightseeing through an eroded landscape.  
  • Viewing Pullouts, Trailhead Parking
The many pullouts for sightseeing and viewing animals within the eroded landscape make the loop road a good option for east west travelers who can leave I-90 and enjoy the Badlands scenery.
  • Hikes
There are six easy hikes from the loop road parking lots and one long hike into the landscape of the Badlands.
  • Shopping
At the western end of the Badlands Loop road, Route 44,  you find the town of Wall and its famous Wall Drug.
Five cent coffee, home made donuts, and acres of memorabilia for the shopper.
The Badlands lies  near enough to Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Keystone, Sturgis  and Rapid City to put plenty of activity within reach.
The Badlands in the southwestern corner of South Dakota is a popular stop for sightseeing on the way to Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Keystone or Bike Week in Sturgis
Interstate 90 travelers will find that sightseeing on the Scenic Byway, a 40-mile east west loop road, will be a good  diversion.
  • Sightseeing
Sightseeing on the loop road requires caution.. Seen here to the left, a deer slams into a car, nearly jumping over the hood.  Animals are on the move and near the roads in the morning and late afternoon
How to Reach South Dakota , Black Hills,Rushmore, the Badlands, Sturgis:
  • Air
The nearest large city to the Black Hills is Rapid City South Dakota. Air service reaches Rapid City from hubs in Denver and Chicago.
  • Auto
Rental cars are available at the airport. From Rapid City take scenic Route 44 east to Interior and the Badlands National Park  or take Route Route 90 West to Sturgis, Spearfish, Deadwood, Rushmore.
Best Time To Visit the Black Hills and Badlands South Dakota:  May to October   40 f at night 65 f days
The weather is perfect June, July, August but the mid day temperature can reach over 100 f.    Cool in May and September,  Cold and winter snows October to April  Total snow 2 feet per year.   June is a wet month.   July and August can have thunderstorms with hail.  
Badlands SD Sightseeing
Badlands Hiking
Badlands Animal Viewing
Badlands  Camping
Black Hills SD Sightseeing
Black Hills SD Camping
Black Hills Hike, Bike
Sturgis SD
Badlands NP offers a  campground and RV park for tent and RV: $15 per night with a dump station.
($15 vehicle entry fee) $10 for motorcycle.
Sightseeing on the Badlands Scenic Byway
Sightseeing, Badlands National Park
Sightseeing, Badlands NP
  • Badlands Camping
Camping is available at two Park:
  • Cedar Pass Campgrounds
Cedar Pass Campgrounds is near the Eastern Park entrance off Highway I-90  
  • Sage Creek Campgrounds,
Sage Creek Campgrounds located near the west exit of the park  (rustic campgrounds for backwoods hiking)

$15 per night with a dump station.  
( $15 park vehicle entry fee,  $10 Motorcycle,  $7 biker or hiker)

  • Private Campground
There is a private campground nine miles from the Visitor Center,east entrance  in the Town of Interior.  (9 miles to KOA)  
Animals on the move near the road
The Prairie Rattler lives in the Park
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