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  • The Badlands
The Badlands of South Dakota, a National Park with a 40-mile loop road through an eroded landscape, offers many pullouts and overlooks for viewing animals.  The stratified  eroding cliffs make the loop road a good option for east west travelers who can leave I-90 and enjoy the Badlands sightseeing without backtracking.
Sturgis riders tour during August Bike Week.
  • Animal Viewing
The Badlands lies at the southwestern corner of South Dakota in the largest stretch of preserved grassland in the US.  Many animals inhabit the park including the re-introduced buffalo which now number 800.
Interstate 90 travelers can find the park a good diversion and a great place for animal viewing with its east west loop road.  The scenic road makes a handy detour while still keeping direction. A campground and RV park make a good stop: $15 per night with a dump station. ( $15 Vehicle Entry fee,  $10 Motorcycle,  $7 biker or hiker)
The Badlands of South Dakota is a popular stop for travelers on the way to Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, or Bike Week in Sturgis.  The Badlands offers a break for Interstate 90 travelers with its 40 mile, east west, Scenic Byway.
Motorcycle camping, car camping,  and RV camping are available in the Badlands along with primitive back country camping for hikers
Rushmore, the Badlands, Sturgis:
  • Air
The nearest large city to the Black Hills is Rapid City South Dakota. Air service reaches Rapid City from hubs in Denver and Chicago.
  • Auto
Rental cars are available at the airport. From Rapid City take scenic Route 44 east to Interior and the Badlands National Park  or take Route Route 90 West to Sturgis, Spearfish, Deadwood, Rushmore.
Best Time To Visit the Black Hills and Badlands South Dakota:  May to October   40 f at night 65 f days
The weather is perfect June, July, August but the mid day temperature can reach over 100 f.    Cool in May and September,  Cold and winter snows October to April  Total snow 2 feet per year.   June is a wet month.   July and August can have thunderstorms with hail.  
Badlands SD Sightseeing
Badlands Hiking
Badlands Animal Viewing
Badlands  Camping
Black Hills SD Sightseeing
Black Hills SD Camping
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Sturgis SD
A campground and RV park in the Badlands National Park makes a good stop: $15 per night with dump station.  Tent and RV
($15 vehicle entry fee)
South Dakota,  Badlands,
Black Hills, Sturgis
South Dakota, Travel, Sightseeing,  Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Sturgis
The Black Hills of South Dakota offer sightseeing, gambling, hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding and more.
Riders out of Sturgis tour the Scenic Byway during Sturgis Bike Week.
  • Grazing Animals
The larger animals seen  from the overlooks as they graze in the park grasslands will be the wild buffalo, (seen mostly in the Sage Creek area), prong horn antelope, big horn sheep, mule deer, and white tail deer.  
The remoteness of the park in the southwest corner of South Dakota, about 60 miles east of Rapid City and Mount Rushmore, keeps the animals wild and they are best seen with binoculars.
  • Small Animals
Coyote and Lynx could be spotted along the roadsides in early morning or evening.  Several prairie dog towns are located along the loop Road
The Prairie Rattlesnake lives in the park.
  • Deadwood
Deadwood offers gambling, shopping and sightseeing in a frontier town
Sturgis riders tour the Badlands loop road during August Bike Week.
  • Spearfish Canyon
Spearfish Canyon offers hiking, biking, trout fishing, and camping
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Sturgis Motorcycle Week, August
Good paved roads through the park include the Scenic Byway or loop road
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