The Pacific Coast of Oaxaca State has many beaches open to large waves.  Zicatela is one of the notable beaches.  The area is also noted for ecotourism on its coastal regions with tours that create sustainable tourism. South of Puerto Escondido, the resort town of Huatulco offers nine bays, some good  surfing beaches and plenty of upscale lodging.  There is also simple digs and transportation to deserted beaches.
Surfing Beaches, Mexico, Pacific Coast Surfing
Puerto Escondido Surfing, Zicatela Beach
How to Reach Zicatela
Buses leave Oaxaca's first class ADO terminal bound for Juchitan, Salina Cruz, Huatulco. Pochutla and Puerto Escondido
Buses leave the
second class terminal for Pochutla and Puerto Escondido.
Collectivos (camionetta)in Pochutla make runs to Mazunte, Puerto Angel, and Zipolite beaches.
Local buses run along the coast road and connect all the coastal towns and villages   
Air Service reaches Puerto Escondido from Oaxaca City, Mexico City
Puerto Escondido Surfing
Playa Zicatela
is Puerto Escondido's surfing beach with an annual November international competition.  This beach is open to the ocean, 8-12 foot swells common.  There is an airport in Puerto Escondido. Tandem skydiving during the November competitions and plenty of party clubs add to the excitement of  the August and November surfing competitions.
Restaurante El Caficito on Zicatela, great breakfast free WiFi.
Surfing Beaches in Mexico include beaches in Oaxaca Mexico and the great surfing beach, the famed Zicatela.
The November National Championship matches are held on what is called the Mexican Pipeline.
Forty miles south, Zipolite beach offers surfing in a quiet beach village.
Surfing Beaches of Mexico's Pacific Coast include Puerto Escondido's Zicatela Beach.  Oaxaca's Zicatela holds August and November international competitions.
Other notable beaches  include the legendary long wave beaches of surfing lore such as the longest ride wave at San Blas Matanchen Bay, the river mouth at Nexpa, and the nude optional Zipolite.
Surfing Beach: Playa Arista,  Chiapas,  Mexico, Pacific Coast beach near Tonala
The Beaches of Mexico get even quieter further south on the coast of Chiapas

Reach Tonala via ADO/OCC first class bus from Oaxaca City or coastal bus, ADO/OCC  out of Puerto Escondido via Huatulco.
ADO/OCC  bus from San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas via Tuxtla Guiterez Chiapas.
From Tonala take a taxi or shared taxi/Combi/Camionetta to Puerto Arista.
Check ahead, these areas suffer from hurricanes every few years.
Surfing Beaches Mexico: San Blas,  Nayarit's Long Wave Beaches
In San Blas, 200 miles south of the Tropic of Cancer on Mexico's Pacific Coast, where Pacific Ocean meets the Bay of Cortez,  a beach once produced the longest surfable wave and made the Guinness book of world Records
San Blas became notable in surfing lore as the beach with the "longest ridable wave in the world,"  waves a quarter mile long are common on San Blas's Matachen Bay and Las Islitas' 5700 foot wave has made the Guinness book of Worlds records as the longest measured ride.
The seabed at Matanchen has changed since that record was set and the title has gone to other beaches around the world but the reputation of Matachen Bay and San Blas stand in surfing lore.
From San Blas in Nayarit south to Sayulia there are many secluded beaches with good swells form July through September.  Surf shops, lodging, and internet restaurants are available in the village of San Blas
Reaching San Blas:  The City of Tepic has first class bus service via Primera Plus to San Blas
From Puerto Vallarta good roads run north along the coast, Route 200. Leave 200 at Las Varas and continue north to Matachen Bay and San Blas.
Nearby cities with International flights  Mazatlan, 180 miles  to the north,  Guadalajara 160 miles to the east.
Best surfing on Mexico's Pacific Coast November to April.  Those months are more likely to have on an offshore wind combined with a winter swell from the south
Surfing the Beaches of Mexico's Pacific Coast includes Oaxaca's Puerto Escondido and Zicatela Beach, Surfing and Partying on Oaxaca's Pacific Coast. Other legendary surfing beaches include the long ride wave at San Blas Matanchen Bay.
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