Train, Rome To Tuscany, Roma Termini to Florence or Pisa
Train Transportation is a Fast and Economical Way to Reach Tuscany

To reach Tuscany you have options.  You could drive from Rome (Airport FCO) or you could take the train.  Regional bus service is available also but the train is a better option.

The trains to Tuscany will be fast trains or slower trains (more stops) and will offer first class seats or the less expensive second class seating.  

The trip is about an hour and thirty five minutes to Florence (Firenze) and costs $91 USD first class,  $68,USD second class.   
The  slow  train  will leave Roma Termini Station in Rome and take 3 hours to reach Florence at a cost of $44. USD second class and $54, first class.   

You can also get a train to Pisa.  The fast rain takes 2.5 hours and costs $60 for  second class, $90 first class.  The slow train takes a little over three hours and costs $45 for second class, $56 for first.
(2010 prices)
No Passing for commercial vehicles
No Passing zone ends
Highway or Expressway
Intersection with right of way to right
Road showing right of way
with yield to traffic in rotary
Speed limits in Italy will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to various towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities. Italian law states that you should have n International Driving Permit although the rental car companies will ask only for your home State drivers license and passport
What To Wear in Italy:
If you are flying into Rome for a trip to Tuscany you'll find Rome and Florence to be warm year round.  You can keep your wardrobe simple.  Base it on a few neutral colors like brown and black to travel light and flexible.
Black is a popular color for clothing in Italy
Information for those Renting a vehicle in Rome
Use these websites to buy Train tickets in England and France.
(Note: Vehicle rentals at the airport include an airport tax}
Nonstop trains run to Rome's Termini Train Station  from 7:30 am to 10  Pm
If you will cab into the city, the licensed Taxis with a meter are the best option.
Note: Nonstop trains run two each hour from Rome's airport to Rome's Termini Train Station  from 7:30 am to 10  PM     Cost 11 Euros
Photos By Len Delory
Men can stick to the basic black or brown.  Rome and Florence are sophisticated cities and could require formal dress in some restaurants (Necktie suit jacket, dress)  The hilltowns of Tuscany will be casual dress throughout.
Rome has a climate similar to the mid USA at sea level, cool Dec. Jan. 40s but little ice or snow, warm summers, June July August, 80s  possible light rain in Spring.
Florence and Pisa are north of Rome. Pisa is on the Mediterranean Coast.  Best months May June, September October. Tuscany could be Crowded in July Augusts
For the Train from Rome To Tuscany take the train from the Roma Termini Station to Florence or Pisa.
Train is a good way to reach Tuscany from Rome.  The fast trains reach Florence in 1.5 hours.
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Florence Itlay, Tuscany
Florence, Photo Len Delory
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