Puerto Escondido Transportation
There are at least six ways to reach the Pacific Coast from Oaxaca City - eight if you include walking and biking.  

  • Flights
You can fly - less than one hour, via Aerotucan,  $130 USD, single engine Cessna Caravan C208.
Or  Aerovega.  
Both fly from Oaxaca's Airport (OAX),   to Puerto Escondido (PXM)  Reserve ahead
The websites are flash without function.  Book at least a day ahead through a travel agent /tour agency in Oaxaca City or Puerto Escondido.

  • First Class Bus
You can bus, first class to Huatulco via OCC Bus (ADO) 270 Pesos $25 USD, 10 hours via Route 190, the Pan American Highway.  From Huatulco service goes northwest along the coast to Puerto Escondido.  One Morning and one evening departure from Oaxaca City from the ADO First Class station.

  • Second Class Bus,  
Oaxaca Pacifico Bus,   second class bus, $10 USD, 8 hours over Route 175 to Pochutla or 135 to Puerto Escondido.  Many daily trips from the second Class bus station near the Abastos Market.  Departures every hour starting at 5 AM
until 3pm  8 00 and 10:30 pm,   These buses are listed directo  (makes few stops)

  • Bus 2nd class, Estrella del Valle Bus,  over Route 131  (marked 135 on Gia Roji maps but listed as 131 at times elsewhere)  Buses travel Route 175 to Pochutla or Route 131 to Puerto Escondido.  

  • Or bus local

  • Van, $13 USD, 6 hours, a hairy ride in a ten or so passenger van, motion sickness medicine recommended.
  • Servicio Expres offers nine departures daily starting at 5 am with a final at 10pm
  • Transportes villa del Mar makes six trips daily from Oaxaca City

  • Rental Car
    Rentals are available in Oaxaca City and at the airport.  Drive the mountain road yourself, a hairy ride, motion sickness medicine recommended for your passengers.
Oaxaca Article about alternative adventure  with contact information http://www.transitionsabroad.com/publications/magazine/0211/mexicointheclouds.shtml
Transportatio Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca City, Air, First Class  Bus, Van
In Oaxaca City, find Information at the Tourist Information Center
Secretaria de Tourismo
703 Ave Benito Juarez
Colonial Center,Oaxaca
Tel.  951-516-0123
How to Get There
From the Zocalo go 8 blocks north and three blocks east to Llano Park  They are in the building housing the Theatre.
Oaxaca Mexico offers several great beaches including Puerto Escondido's  famed surfing beach, Zicatela.  

The November National Championships  are held on what is called the Mexican Pipeline.  

Safe swimming and beach dining is offered at Playas Marinero and Principal.
Puerto Escondido offers two bus terminal with service to Acapulco, Oaxaca City, Huatulco, and Mexico City.
Could be a simple beer or a sunset dinner, the restaurants don't hurry you
Sunset view from Playa Marinero,
Playa Principal is home to Puerto Escondido's fishing fleet.  
Much of the fishing is done with baited hooks set overnight on long lines.  The fishermen go out early to pull the lines and they bring the fish to the dock starting around 8:00 am.
Fish continue to come into the beach and dock area until mid afternoon.
The fish go directly to the restaurants after cleaning.  Some fish goes to distant  markets via trucks.
Dine at sunset on the beach at the many restaurants serving grilled fish.  Red Snapper is served whole or filleted.  Grilled Dorado with garlic served with guacamole, salad, rice.$6.00 USD and up
Puerto Escondido transportation from Oaxaca city includes air service, first class bus, and private van.
Second class bus service also reaches the Pacific Coast from Oaxaca City.
Puerto Escondido  Dining On the Pacific Coast Beaches of Oaxaca Mexico will offer fresh seafood, sunsets and nightlife.   Puerto Escondido is a low rise beach resort on Oaxaca's Pacific coast famed for surfing.
Puerto Escondido Dining options include La Tortuga Loca restaurant on the beach at Playa Principal.  Prices are favorable compared to others and the seafood is good.  Filete con ajo, (with garlic) above right, is served with rice, fresh greens and tortillas for 70 pesos
The wives and families of the fishermen  fillet the fish or send them to the restaurants whole
By mid day many of the fishermen have pulled their boat up on the beach where they spend the afternoon repairing lines and nets.
Bus service, vans , and flights reach Puerto Escondido
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