Make And Sell Digital Travel Photos
Point of View
Vary your lens use and give your photos of icons a unique touch. Shoot from a high angle, from below, from a good distance away, and very tight. Strive to make photos that are somehow unique and different even when the places in your photos are well known.
This is where your
interchangeable lenses or zoom lenses can bring variety and where your GND and steadying techniques can bring you the difficult and unusual shots: interior scenes, twilight photos, the city at night; these kinds of photos show well-known places in a new light.
If your photos are somehow different than all the rest you will have sales.
Most people will not bother with learning techniques of steadying the camera without a tripod.  They will not learn to use fill-flash, or bother to use the GND. If you master the  tools covered in this book you will travel lightly and your photos will rise above the pack.

Carefully caption each photo but avoid empty adjectives like pretty and beautiful. Answer the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of journalism.

Notes, Tape Recorder
You will have your reward later if you take good notes while out photographing in a distant land; every photograph that you try to sell will have as part of its value a strong caption.

The caption will be important to all your photos including photos that you submit to a stock agency. Stock photos are sold by keyword and caption; the buyer will search for the appropriate photo by keyword and caption.
Take maps from tourist bureaus and agencies; travel editors will request that you send them maps with your articles or photo features.
Travel Photography
Make Marketable Photos While Traveling
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Sell your travel photos to magazines through stock agencies.  This books tells how
Travel Photography Made Simple by Traveling Light
Excerpts from the book below  Sell Your Digital Travel Photos
In This Page
  • Point of View
  • Captions
  • Notes
  • Icons
  • Romance
The questions answered by this book:

  • What is a markable Photo?
  •  How do you find and approach the editors who will buy the rights to use your photos?

This book will take the mystery out of making publishable photos and finding the editors who will Buy Your Photos

  • Part One: How to Make Marketable Photos
  • Part Two: How to Find and Approach the Photo Editors
Travel Photography Techniques Covered in this Book Making Marketable Photos While Traveling

Include icons in your photos, making photos of sites or monuments that have made the location famous and include vignettes of flowers or foods if the region you are covering is well known for that icon. The same holds true for covered bridges, lobster dinners, lighthouses, vineyards, and archaeological ruin sites.

This is where the techniques in the book will help with your mastery of depth of field and you can Include the foreground, mid ground, and background to make your photos tell the complete story.
If you are at a special park you will want a tight shot of flowers. You can combine the icon and the place while at the same time including people in your photos.   You could, for instance, photograph groups of people walking through the gardens from a low angle with flowers in the foreground.
Every vacation spot has its special foods like the Maine lobster, the New Orleans beignet, and Provence lamb. Markets both rural and urban can produce photos of places that people like to visit when they are vacationing.
Shopping tops many  a vacation list of activities particularly in the exotic markets of distant cultures or where local artisans produce unique art. All of these places will bring their photo challenges. To add challenge, you will be on the move, setting shutter speed, focus, and exposure; you will need to practice the tools and techniques detailed in the book ahead of your vacation to gain familiarity with your camera and its tools.
And while you are at it don't forget the most sought after icon, romance.
Capture the feeling of romance and the feeling of freedom on resort beaches by making low light photos at sunset. Use the graduated neutral density filter to balance the bright sky and use steadying techniques to avoid camera shake.
Pre-focus your manual camera for maximum depth of field, attach your GND to tone down the sky, set your camera's timer to overcome vibration and give yourself time to get in position, press the button and jump in the scene with your partner; put it all together for a romantic icon and an easy model release.
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For Earlier Edition
Great Tips illustrated with Great Pics, October 20, 2010    ( Amazon Review)

I found this book to be engaging and full of great tips and instructions. The black and white travel photos inside are a joy to look at. I would like to see another book of his with just the photos, printed larger and on glossy stock.

The book is divided into two sections: How to take good travel pictures, and then, How to sell them. ....

This is the sort of handbook that you will want to buy, read and then save to refer back to again and again.
It found a permanent home on my bookshelf, September 3, 2010

This book covers all aspects of selling photographs. Drawing from his own experience as a travel writer and photographer, the author has created a real resource for anyone who wants to have their images published. He gives sound advice as to how to be productive creatively and walks you through the necessary steps to getting your images to market. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about selling their photographs.
Must Have, September 27, 2010

I highly recommend this book. Easy to read and understand. Even if you are not trying to sell your photographs this book is a must have. This book covers all the fundamental information that you have to know on aperture settings, filters, composition, etc. which will get you the photographs you will be proud of and want to sell.
Revised 2014, Updated
How To Make Marketable
Travel Photos
Make And Sell Digital Travel Photos
How To Make Marketable Travel Photos while On Vacation
Make Marketable Travel Photos
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