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  • Stock Agency
A stock agency represents you and your photos in dealing with photo buyers.  Your images are shown on the stock agency website where buyers shop.  The agency negotiates the price for use of your photos for a specified time and at a specific size.  The price is according to size of photo and the circulation of the publication.  Rights to the photo remain yours and you can sell those right year after year as long as the photo continues to attract buyers.
  • Example, Stock Photo
One popular stock travel photo is the slot canyon.  The slot canyon  is a marvelous creation of nature that provides great photo opportunities.  There are, however, many great slot canyon shots; competition is stiff.

Mid day is the best time to photograph in a slot canyon because at noon the sun will be overhead and will come through a slot in the ground to light up the walls in interesting and contrasting ways.
Make your shots different by using A tripod.  Also add some uniqueness by using a GND.  (graduated neutral density filter)  The GND  will help balance the extremes of exposure...
Slot canyons have been done by some of the best and by looking at the photos done by the pros on stock agency sites you can get an idea of how you might approach the situation.

One way to improve your travel photos of slot canyons or any other subject is to look at a lot of other people's photos.   You can look at thousands of top-notch photos of slot canyons in just a few minutes by looking at stock photos on the web.
This book covers all you need to know to get your photos represented by stock agencies
Make Travel Photos That You Can Place With Stock Agencies
  • GND Positioning
You can rotate the GND left, right, or bottom, depending where the bright area the bright area will most usually be at the top.
book How To sell Your Digital Travel Photos  explains in detail how to use the GND  in many situations to balance exposure in the camera rather than attempting balancing in the computer, which usually results in an unpublishable photo.
These approximately 3.25 x 4.65 inch sheets can also be hand-held in front of the lens for quick variety and you can rotate them to tone done any area of the frame, not just the sky.

the GND can give your photos a uniqueness that will elevate your photos above the many other photos of slot canyons; that is one of the keys to stock agency sales.
Check samples of the stock agency or portals on the web.  Pay particular attention to the theme or message and the style and quality of the photographs.
Check:  the  dozens of stock sites on the web.  Go to their category, enter slot canyon and look at the work of others. You don't need to copy, just get an idea of how to begin, what you like, what you do not.  You can do this before any photo vacation; find the place where you will vacation and look at the iconic photos.  This is far better than looking at postcards.
Before you go on your slot canyon trip, look  at lots of slot canyon photos and try to find a unique approach to this fascinating subject.  
  • People
Above all, put people in the scene wherever possible; stock agencies serve photo buyers that want people in the scene to give a sense of scale and a sense of accessibility.   In the travel magazine market, editors want 90-95 percent of the photos to have people in them.    See the book chapter on making marketable photos and tips on approaching stock photo agancies.  
The graduated neutral density filter described above can balance the exposure and create a publishable photo with no areas of extreme darkness or excessive highlights in the photo.
  • Photo Samples
  • Balancing Exposure
  • GND Positioning
This book will take the mystery out of making publishable photos and finding the stock agencies that will offer your photos for sale to magazines, newspapers, and web news outlets.

  • Part One: How to Make Marketable Photos

  • Part Two: How to Find and Approach the Photo Agencies
Great Tips illustrated with Great Pics, October    ( Amazon Review)

I found this book to be engaging and full of great tips and instructions. The black and white travel photos inside are a joy to look at. I would like to see another book of his with just the photos, printed larger and on glossy stock.

The book is divided into two sections: How to take good travel pictures, and then, How to sell them. ....

This is the sort of handbook that you will want to buy, read and then save to refer back to again and again.

This book covers all aspects of selling photographs. Drawing from his own experience as a travel writer and photographer, the author has created a real resource for anyone who wants to have their images published. He gives sound advice as to how to be productive creatively and walks you through the necessary steps to getting your images to market. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about selling their photographs.
Must Have, September

I highly recommend this book. Easy to read and understand. Even if you are not trying to sell your photographs this book is a must have. This book covers all the fundamental information that you have to know on aperture settings, filters, composition, etc. which will get you the photographs you will be proud of and want to sell.
Revised 2011, Updated
Revised 2011, Updated
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