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Making travel photographs that you can sell will take some techniques. Better travel photos can mean technically better in terms of sharpness, depth of field, and balanced exposure, and, just as important, improved marketablity.
If you want to make marketable photos you must be able to manage a few details.  The book pictured above, How to Sell Your Digital Travel Photos,  describes the features in a digital camera that will make the job of creating Marketable and publishable photos easier.   
Ideal Camera
The ideal digital camera would allow you the option of working in manual mode. In fact manual mode will be indispensable if you are to create a wide variety of marketable photos.
Manual Control
A camera that allows you to control the aperture, the shutter speed, and the focus in manual control mode is the most versatile camera to use when working in the rapidly changing situations that you will encounter while making travel photos for publication.   
  • Ideal Camera
  • Manual Mode
  • Digital Camera
  • Flash Cord Port
Manual Control
You will run into many situations, especially when using fill flash, where you need to override the automatic camera functions and work in manual mode.  This is particularly true when you combine ambient light and flash photography; you need to have control of your shutter speed and the aperture.
You will also run into the problem of lenses that focus automatically in well-lit areas but have trouble focusing in
darker situations.  Also when you cover events, people will be walking in front of you and the focus and exposure settings of your camera will hunt all about unless you are in manual mode. These problem will require you to use manual focus and exposure.
Flash Cord  Port
Another good feature to have on a camera is a  port that allows you to plug in a cord for the running of remote flash when you want lighting more interesting than that provided by the built-in, on-camera flash unit.  
Battery Life
Battery life will be another issue.  You will want to get a day or more of making photographs from one battery and have a backup ready to go.

Preview Window
A well-sized preview window will help you in proofing your images while on the move.  
This  Book covers all you need to know to get your
photos published.
This book will take the mystery out of making publishable photos and finding the editors who will Buy the Rights to Publish Your Photos

  • Part One: How to Make Marketable Photos

  • Part Two: How to Find and Approach the Photo Editors
Single Lens Reflex Camera
A good option would be a single lens reflex camera. (SLR) It will provide the features mentioned and will also allow you to attach lens filters and a lens hood to the front of your lenses, important additions that have been listed on previous pages..  
The SLR will also have a through-the-lens viewing system, giving you much more control of your composition when image making.
Travel Photography Provence
Travel Photography, lavender country  Provence
Travel Photography, the Camargue  Horse Provence
Travel Photography, walled city  Provence
Travel Photography, hiking in Provence
Great Tips illustrated with Great Pics,    ( Amazon Review)

I found this book to be engaging and full of great tips and instructions. The black and white travel photos inside are a joy to look at. I would like to see another book of his with just the photos, printed larger and on glossy stock.

The book is divided into two sections: How to take good travel pictures, and then, How to sell them. ....

This is the sort of handbook that you will want to buy, read and then save to refer back to again and again.
It found a permanent home on my bookshelf,

This book covers all aspects of selling photographs. Drawing from his own
experience as a travel writer and photographer, the author has created a real
resource for anyone who wants to have their images published. He gives sound
advice as to how to be productive creatively and walks you through the necessary
steps to getting your images to market. I highly recommend this book to anyone
who is serious about selling their photographs.
Must Have,
I highly recommend this book. Easy to read and understand. Even if you are not trying to sell your photographs this book is a must have. This book covers all the fundamental information that you have to know on aperture settings, filters, composition, etc. which will get you the photographs you will be proud of and want to sell.
Travel Photography, Make Better Travel Photos,
Tips from the Book, "Sell Your Digital Travel Photos"
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Make Better Travel Photos
Better Travel Photography
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