Travel Photography, Traveling Lightly
When you travel do you want to make photos that you can print large and make digital presentations for your family and friends.  You might even like to sell your photos to travel magazines or place them with a stock agency or a portal on the web.
Digital equipment has made publishing your photos in magazines much simpler than it ever was.   

Even if you photograph only for pleasure, you can use some of the techniques described in the book to generate travel content good enough for magazines and newspapers.

There are many tips listed in the  book  
"How To Sell Your Digital Travel Photos"  
Below are listed  a few of the techniques covered

  • . Whether digital or film based, you need low ISO, good saturation, and sharpness. Film speed and digital ISO settings are best kept no higher than 100 except in cases of unusual content.

  •   Tripods are forbidden in many places . Its extra weight makes it hardly worth lugging.  You will need to steady the camera for landscapes and low light scenes, however.   If you develop ways of getting sharpness without a tripod, you will find that the tripod could be just more baggage to lug.  Tips to sharp photos without the tripod are listed in the book.

  •    Balance your exposures and end the toil of trying to rehab a unevenly exposed frame in imaging software.
The average scene contains three or more stops of light on a sunny day, usually four,  so you must balance your exposure.  You can do that with a two-stop graduated neutral density filter.  see detailed explanation in the book.

  •  Match Your Shutter Speed to Your Lens.  When hand holding your camera, unless you have an image stabilization lens or camera body, match the shutter speed to the focal length of the lens.
Example: a 60mm lens requires a shutter speed of 1/60 of a second or higher to avoid camera shake.  Match your 210mm zoom with at least a 1/210-shutter speed. (non IS lenses)

  • Lens Hood.  Shade the front lens element to prevent lens flare; retain crucial color, saturation, and contrast that you would loose if the slightest bit of direct or reflected unintended light enters the lens.  
Tripods are not allowed in most ruin sites; the bean bag can help to steady the camera
Make Travel Photos That You Can Sell  While You Travel Lightly. See Information From Book,  Sell Your Digital Travel Photos
Digital equipment has made publishing your photos in magazines much simpler than it ever was.
  • Low ISO
  • Tripod
  • GND
  • Shutter Speed
  • Lens Hood
Travel Photography Traveling Light
There may be no better feeling for you as a photographer than to walk into a Bookstore and see a photo that you created on the cover of a magazine or to go on a travel website and see photos that you sold through a stock agency.  
If you love taking photos when you travel why not look into having them published

This book will take the mystery out of making publishable photos and finding the editors who will Buy Your Photos

  • Part One: How to Make Marketable Photos

  • Part Two: How to Find and Approach the Photo Editors
Use of the GND can balance the exposure in the camera and make less work in the computer.  See tips in the book on the use of the GND
See tips on steadying the camera without a tripod for night shots, museum and ruin site photos.
Great Tips illustrated with Great Pics,   ( Amazon Review)

I found this book to be engaging and full of great tips and instructions. The black and white travel photos inside are a joy to look at. I would like to see another book of his with just the photos, printed larger and on glossy stock.

The book is divided into two sections: How to take good travel pictures, and then, How to sell them. ....

This is the sort of handbook that you will want to buy, read and then save to refer back to again and again.
It found a permanent home on my bookshelf,

This book covers all aspects of selling photographs. Drawing from his own experience as a travel writer and photographer, the author has created a real resource for anyone who wants to have their images published. He gives sound advice as to how to be productive creatively and walks you through the necessary steps to getting your images to market. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about selling their photographs.
Must Have, September

I highly recommend this book. Easy to read and understand. Even if you are not trying to sell your photographs this book is a must have. This book covers all the fundamental information that you have to know on aperture settings, filters, composition, etc. which will get you the photographs you will be proud of and want to sell.
Travel Photos
While Traveling Lightly
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