Travel to Bonampak  Ruin Site Chiapas State, Mexico
At one time the buildings were coated in stucco and painted as the remnants of red paint show
Each small building at the top of the Acropolis houses a sandstone column
This road runs parallel to the Usumacinta River, a frontier along the Guatemalan border that until 1990 did not have a paved road. The local people have been in an uneasy truce with the government for several years after a revolution  centered in San Cristobal de las Casas that simmered down about eight years go. These isolated people are not used to strangers and can seem unfriendly. If you are not comfortable travelling independently, ( Know some Spanish, know the money, can tolerate high temperatures and high humidity)  go as part of a group tour out of Palenque.    See Agencies that run ruins tours from Palenque

Two outfits run the no frills collectivos to the Frontera,  Chamoan  and Benemiento  , run hourly trips from 5:am.  Their terminal (parking lot) is located near the Cabeza Maya sculpture, just down the hill and to the right side of the road you can find them   Inquire at the tourist center  on Avenue Juarez at the Plaza of Artisans.  Price for a one way is 70-100 Pesos  (changes with seasonal demand)  These vans serve as the local bus for the people living in the small villages along the river.    

The collectivos for the ruin round the Cabeza Maya, a handy place to catch a ride. They also stop at the gas station just after the monument Madre Chol on the  road to Agua Azule.
Tour agencies located in the town of Palenque also run trips that are guided.

Immigration authorities are active on the road, best to have a passport and copy of your Mexican visa.  

Campgrounds, hotels, and posadas are plentiful in Palenque along the road to Palenque ruins. The village of 85,000 has plentiful bus service with an ADO terminal on the main street and several others nearby. Campgrounds, inns, posadas, and plush hotels are available on the entrance road to the archaeological site.
The carved stones are placed throughout the site, several on the Acropolis and others on the main plaza of what was the ritual center of a much larger city, most still covered by the thick jungle along the Frontera  and the watershed of the Usumacinta River.   
To Travel to Bonampak  Ruin Site in Chiapas State, Mexico take a collective taxi from the town of Palenque.   Bonampak Ruin Site is also reached by private tours out of Palenque that follow the Usumacinta River along the border with Guatemala.
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Bonampak Ruins, Chiapas Mexico
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