Travel To The Camargue, Rhone River Delta, South Of France
White Horses
and the
unique lifestyle
of the On the
Rhone River
Camargue Salt Works: looks like sand but it is Camargue sea salt harvested from Mediterranean Sea water in huge evaporation pools, continuing a tradition that goes back to Medieval times.
Provence restaurants serve the salt at the table. Called Fleur de Sel, by some packagers, this finishing salt is  sprinkled lightly on food to give the food a blast of salt (tingle) without salting the whole meal.  
Arles is the gateway to the Camargue
In the pastures
of the Camargue the
Guardians raise the
black bulls used
in the bullrings of
Suthern France.
Travel To The Camargue Rhone River Delta South Of France can start in Arles, the Gateway to the Camargue
The horses of
the Camargue
are an
breed, some
say, once wild
and now
protected by
the government
to keep the
breed pure.
Non lethal bullfighting of Provence
Many daily TGV trains from Paris reach Nimes. From there the Rhone River to the Camargue within a half hour or so.  (20 Miles)  Go south and west out of the park for Saint Maries de la Mer on the Mediterranean.
If coming from the south out of
Marseille, bus service reaches Arles.  By car from Marseille, take the A-7 to the A-54 outside of Salon de Provence then the A-45 to Arles

By car from
Avignon take the N-570.  (30 miles , 45 minutes through farm country)  From arles go south along the Rhone River  or southwest to Saint Maries de la Mere  for 62 KM total from Avignon

Paris The  best bet from Paris is to take the TGV train from Paris to Avignon (several trains each day) and then a rental car or bus to Arles.

Extensive Air service is available to Marseilles' Airport (MRS).  Bus service connects to Arles. Avignon, Aix, Marseilles City and many smaller towns and villages

The City of Nimes is 30-45 minutes from Arles by bus or car.  Air service (limited) is available at Nimes
Within 44 km of St Maries de la Mer,  the City of Montpellier has air, bus, and train service.
The airports (except Marseille) within the region have limited or no connections to major hubs.  Ryan air serves Montpellier , Marseille and Nimes.
Considerations: Standard shift and luggage space
Do You need an International Driving Permit to Drive in Europe.
In France and Italy you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license    Italian law, however,  requires that.....  see Article
No Passing for commercial vehicles
No Passing zone ends
with yield to traffic in rotary
Speed limits will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to various towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities and at many TGV Train Stations..
Information for those renting a vehicle in Provence
Travel To The Camargue, Rhone River Delta, South Of France puts you in the home to the Camargue Horses,  the flat grassland of the Camargue where horsemen and women tend herds of semi-wild horses and black bulls bred for the bull rings of France and Spain.
Camargue vacation travel to the Rhone River Delta
Travel to the Camargue for white horses on the Rhone River Delta
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