Eygalieres makes a stunning sight as you approach,  the remains of an  12 th Century church  and chateau occupy the hilltop and are viewable for many miles.  For the hikers who come on the trails through the olive groves and vineyards or for the bikers who come from Mouries and Les Baux, The village center of Eygalieres is a welcome stop for a coffee or a glass of wine at the sidewalk cafés.
When approaching from the east on the Orgon Road watch for the St Sixte Chapel, a nicely preserved building of the 12 century just a mile east of Eygalieres center
Tour groups hike from villages like Eygalieres to other villages or to lodging in vineyard farmhouses on a vast network of trails through olive groves, vineyards, and grazing land.
Bike tours often travel the same routes used by the Tour de France racers.
Eygalieres Provence: A Walled Town  known today for  traditions dating to the 12 century and for hiking and biking
Travelling to Eygalieres Provence, The South Of France
Eygalieres Nearby Villages
Les Baux de Provence (11 miles), Saint Rémy de Provence (7 miles ), Aureille (6 miles).
Only small portions of the old walls remain but Eygalieres still carries on the traditions of honoring its ancient customs and its patron saints.

On the Tuesday after Easter each year, the people of Eygalieres form a procession and carry the likeness of the martyred Pope St. Sixte II  towards the chapel dedicated to this 3rd century saint accompanied by Camargue Guardians on white horses and men and women dressed in the costumes of Medieval Arles.

They walk to the chapel of Saint Sixte and celebrate mass in the ancient language of Provencal. The site of the chapel once held a neolithic altar to the rain god and this spring ceremony is a continuation of that plea to the gods for favorable rains.
Getting to Eygalieres Provence:
From Paris:
The best bet from Paris is to take the TGV train from Paris to Avignon (several trains each day) and then a rental car or bus will get you to Eygalieres

Many daily TGV trains from Paris reach Nimes. From there a bus, train, or rental car will reach Arles and then east to Eygalieres.  

From Marseille
If coming from the south out of Marseille, bus service reaches Eygaleires.  By car from Marseille, take the A-7 to the Orgon road and follow it west towards St Remy.  Eygalieres is a tiny village between Orgon and St Remy .
By train from the south to Avignon, bus or rental car from there.

By car from
Avignon take the N-7 south to Plan de Orgon and then a short way west towards St Remy and then south to Eygalieres.  

Extensive Air service is available to Marseilles' Airport (MRS).  Bus service connects to Arles. Avignon, Aix, Marseilles City and many smaller towns and villages

The City of Nimes is 30-45 minutes from Arles by bus or car.  Air service (limited) is available at Nimes

The airports (except Marseille) within the region have limited or no connections to major hubs.  Ryan air serves Marseille and Nimes.
Do You need an International Driving Permit to drive in Europe.
In France and Italy you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license from your home country and perhaps your passport.  Italian law requires that you carry an IDP as does Spain, Portugal, Greece, and several of the former Soviet Union countries. The International driver's permit is issued by the American Automobile Association AAA in the States and the CAA in Canada. The cost is $15 and not a bad bit of insurance against running into trouble while driving in Europe.
No Passing for commercial vehicles
No Passing zone ends
Highway or Expressway
Intersection with right of way to right
road showing right of way
with yield to traffic in rotary
Auto Europeselection, price, and ease of booking on the web. . Shop online well ahead of your trip and choose diesel or gas, luggage space, standard or automatic, two door, four door and other options.  Reserve extras such as baby seats, strollers, telephones.
Speed limits will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to various towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities and at many TGV Train Stations..
Information for those renting a vehicle in Provence
TGV Train, A-7 Toll Road, Air Service
by rental car on high speed roads, the D-7 N-7 highway toll roads, By TGV train to Avignon, bus service, and by air to Marseilles.
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