If you rent a car in Tucson, a day's drive north  puts you on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon
The North Rim is another 150 miles

Bus and Shuttle Van Service Between Mexico and Tucson, Arizona

    Shuttle Vans North from Mexico.

Reach Tucson by the shuttle services that run from  the border at Douglas and Nogales to Tucson ($12-$25) and to Phoenix. ($45)
  • Douglas Shuttle
Several van services run vans starting at seven am and nearly hourly from the Mexican border at Douglas AZ  to Tucson and Phoenix.
Similar van shuttle services run to and from Nogales. With the Nogales shuttle ask for a drop-off of your choice in Tucson, Pay accordingly.  $12-$25 USD
  • Tucson Sightseeing
If you are heading into or out of Mexico by bus, Tucson makes a good way station.  With its great wild desert ambiance  you need only travel a few miles from the sophisticated city to be in the wildest and harshest of natural desert environments.
Although hot during the day, nights can get quite cold in the desert and snow in the Tucson mountains is common during the winter,
The State and Federal Government has preserved huge tracks of wild land that makes Tucson and its environs a great place for outdoor recreation. Hiking, camping, and sightseeing top a list that includes skydiving, photography, horseback riding, and  skiing.

Tucson Arizona

Campgrounds in the mountains lead to great hiking trails where the mountain temperature in summer couldn't be more agreeable for outdoor adventure except in the mid day, July, August when 105 f is likely.
Tumacacori  National Park is a mission church built during Spanish Colonial times

Tucson Shuttle From Mexico, Van Service To Tucson, Douglas Shuttle

Mountains over 8,000 feet make Tucson a great place for outdoor recreation.
The bus terminal in Agua Pietra for bus service into Mexico is a cab ride from the border check station.
Chihuahuenses, Futura Bus.  and Omnibus serve north from Mexico City's terminal Norte.
The shuttle from Tucson stops at the office right at the border in Douglass
Flying into Phoenix and then shuttling to Tucson  ($25.00) is less expensive than a flight from Phoenix to Tucson
Going north from Douglas or Nogales, a stop in Tucson might result in a good flight or an Amtrak route to your destination
Douglas Super Shuttle 520-388-9896
Saguaro National Park
Shuttle services offer van service from Nogales at the border and from  the border town of Douglas to various locations in Tucson and Phoenix.
 (Tucson Center is 70 miles from Nogales, allow about 90 minutes)
Tucson Shuttle, Douglas Shuttle, Vans serve Mexico
Reach Tucson from Mexico by Douglas Shuttle van services or Nogales Shuttle vans that run from Douglas AZ and Nogales, AZ to Tucson with fares of $12 to $25 USD.
Tucson Shuttle Van to Nogales Arizona at the border with Mexico
From Mexico, the best way to reach Tucson is by one of the many shuttle van services.
Tucson Arizona is 70 miles north of the Mexican border.
Shuttle van services run regular daily service from Douglas AZ. and Nogales, AZ.  to Tucson and to Phoenix..
To reach Tucson from Mexico by Bus, find Tufesa Bus or one of many shuttle van services.
Tucson is 70 miles north of the Mexican border, a trip made easier by the shuttle van services that run from Douglas and Nogales to Tucson.
Nogales could take one hour to go through customs and immigration because of long lines.  Douglas is not heavily used and therefore a quicker crossing.  
Chihuahuenses and Omnibus serve north from Mexico City's terminal Norte.
The shuttle stop /office is right at the border crossing in Douglass. Several shuttle services serve Tucson
Tucson's Tufesa Bus service runs cross border buses from Phoenix and Tucson through Nogales Mexico on the way to Mazatlan and Guadalajara.
Tucson Arizona offers shuttle service to the border towns of Douglas and Nogales and to Phoenix.
Tucson Shuttle Service
Tucson Shuttle vans
Tucson Shuttles
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Tucson is 70 miles north of the Mexican border and served by several shuttle companies

Tucson Bus Service and Shuttle
From Douglas Into Mexico