Tuscany Vacation, Rome to Pisa, Italy
Speed limits in Italy will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to various towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities. Italian law states that you should have an International Driving Permit although the rental car companies will ask only for your home State drivers license and passport
Shop the web for your itineraries and flight connections.
While shopping for air travel on the web will take a little patience and perseverance, the savings can be significant.  
Adequate connection times will be important to keep in mind on an international flight to Romet.
What To Wear in Italy:
If you are flying into Rome for a trip to Tuscany you will find that Rome is warm year round so you can keep your wardrobe simple.  Base it on a few neutral colors like brown and black to travel light and flexibly.
Black is a popular color for clothing in Italy and does not show wrinkles.
Rome and Florence are sophisticated cities and could require formal dress in some restaurants (Necktie suit jacket, dress) the hilltop towns will be casual dress throughout.
Rome has a climate similar to the mid USA at sea level, cool Dec. Jan. 40s but no ice or snow, warm summers, June, July, August, 80s  possible light rain in Spring.

Pisa is north of Rome on the Mediterranean Coast  
Best months May June, September October. Crowded July August
Tuscany offers the vacationer great diversion.
The largely agricultural region of rolling hills and mountains called Tuscany has some of Italy's greatest cities.
For the food and wine lover
San Gimignano should not be missed.  Its white wine, Vernaccia,  its wine cellars, and the stone towers make it a must see.
Sienna, Lucca, and Cortona are rare gems of ancient cities.  And the regional capital, Florence the heart of Tuscany with its great art and architecture could occupy much of a week
Tuscany, Florence
Tuscany Photos by Len Delory
Tuscany occupies nearly 9000 square miles of north central Italy north of Rome.  
Sections of several of Tuscany's notable towns and cities have been made
UNESCO Sites and thus are protected from development: Central Florence, the central square and Cathedral of Pisa, the center of Sienna,  San Gimignano's central plaza,  the Vald'Orcia, and Pienza.
Florence, Photo by Len Delory
Tuscany and its fertile valleys was first settled in 1500 BC.  Later in  the 8th century BC the Etruscans settled the area and gave it its name.
Many museums in the area have Etruscan artifacts, sophisticated pre-Roman art involving advanced metallurgy.
By the 2nd century BC, the Romans had taken control of Tuscany.
Chiusi,  the National Etruscan Museum
The cities of Tuscany, particularly Florence and the wealth of its merchants, gave momentum to the Renaissance.  The wealthy merchants of Pisa, a port city at one time, and of Florence, commissioned works by great masters that now reside in the museums.  Architectural masterpieces in Florence and Pisa resulted from the success of Tuscan bankers and merchants during the Renaissance.  Illustrious Tuscans were Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Galileo, and the painter, Botticelli.
The Medici, a banking family from Florence, commissioned many works of art.
A Tuscany Vacation from Rome to Pisa, Italy, offers diversity: hiking, biking, and great museums.
The area between Rome and Pisa is an agricultural region of rolling hills and mountains called Tuscany wherein lie some of Italy's greatest cities.
A from Rome to Pisa, Italy offers Italy's great Tuscany cities such as Florence, above.
Nearby find hiking, biking, and wine and food tours through the agricultural region of rolling hills and mountains.
Tuscany, Florence
Tuscany Hotel and Villa Vacation Rentals:  Prices, Guest Reviews, Photos, Maps
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