Uxmal Mayan Ruin Site, Yucatan,
Puuc Style Architecture, Late Classic Mexico

Uxmal, Ancient Mayan city,

Uxmall is noted for its large public buildings was at its height from 850AD to 950 AD.
Uxmal is noted for its large circular Pyramid of the Magician.
The ancient Maya City contains many  large buildings believed to be public building.  Uxmal can be reached from Merida in about 90 minutes via bus, tour van, or auto.

Uxmal the Mayan Ruin Site in Yucatan of Mexico  is noted for Puuc Style Architecture of the Late Classic Maya and for its large pyramidal structure, the Pyramid of the Magician.  Concrete construction was used in many large public buildings and they are well preserved.
Uxmal is a late Classic city of the northern Maya founded in 500 AD, with most building activity taking place between 850AD and 950 AD.
After the end of the Puuc style construction in 900 AD a Toltec influence is seen.
The buildings at Uxmal were well constructed and many have survived in good condition to give a hint of the grandeur of the site.  A close relationship to Chichen Itza is seen in the Puuc style architecture which is also found at Chichen Itza.  Both cities also had a later Toltec influence.
Uxmal is noted for its large circular pyramidal building dominating a broad plaza.
The ancient Maya City of Uxmal is also noted for the use of concrete to construct large public buildings.
The Puuc Style of building is named after the nearby Puuc hills and is identified by the frequent reference to the Rain God Chaac.  
In some instances of Puuc architecture the lower building facades are simple while the upper story facades are replete with representations of the rain God Chaac, the stepped fret and greca found at Tula and other Central Mexico sites, ornate lattice work, and serpents.     
How To Reach Uxmal
A good second class bus runs from Merida or Campeche.
Pyramid of the Magician, Uxmal
Palace of the Governor
Palace of the Governors
House of the Doves,  Uxmal, Yucatan
Uxmal Palace of the Governors with the Pyramid of the Magician in the background
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Uxmal Palace of the Governors with the Pyramid of the Magician in the background
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