Mitla, with buildings unique in Mexico, shows the influence of 10th century AD Mixtec art on the resident Zapotec culture. Stabilization continues at Mitla
Dainzu Archaeological ruin sit,e south of Oaxaca city.
Reach by public bus, auto, or collective taxi
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In culturally rich Oaxaca  archaeological digs continue
Visit Archaeological Ruin Sites, Oaxaca, Mexico
Teotitlan del Valle ruin beneath the Spanish colonial church. The town's nearby community museum houses artifacts found in the excavation,
Tomb and Ruin site of Zaachila, a small site with little excavation except for two tombs
Oaxaca ruin Sites
Oaxaca has many ruins with ancient art and architecture, archaeological projects continue.
Oaxaca has some great ancient cities clustered in three valleys reachable within an hours drive from Oaxaca City.
Premier among the State of Oaxaca's ancient places would be Monte Alban, a huge complex of pyramidal platforms that looms above the city of Oaxaca at 6,300 feet.  The city was carved out a mountaintop in 500 BC and took shape over the next 1200 years, finally becoming a great ritual center that was inexplicably abandoned around 750 AD at the height of its power.
Monte Alban Ruin Site
Visiting Oaxaca Archaeological Ruin Sites  includes traveling between five and twenty miles from Oaxaca City via public bus or private car.  Tour Zapotec and Mixtec stone cities built between 1200 BC and 1520 AD.
Cuilapan in Oaxaca, a few miles west of the city, is the center for the investigation of artifacts.  Many students and volunteers work in the labs located in an old church building built in 1555,
archaeology Oaxaca,
student and volunteer
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