Zacatecas Ruin Sites, Alta Vista and La Quemada, Zacatecas, Mexico
as the ruin on the Tropic of Cancer is called has been  found to contain solar significance.
The structures were built by the Teotihuacan culture and according to archaeologists,and they built in solar equinox alignment and a summer solstice alignment of the sun over a distant mountain at dawn.  There are two Teotihuacan style petroglyphs that link Alta Vista with Teotihuacan as a ceremonial outpost at the northern limit of Mesoamerica.  
Charles Kelley was the principle investigator at Alta Vista
Chalchihuites or Alta Vista as the ruin is called has yielded evidence of sun worship and the tracking of the solar cycles.
The placement of the ruin at the northern most limit of the suns apparent movement and the accompanying seasonal changes mark the site as a ritual center attributed to builders of the Teotihuacan culture as a ceremonial outpost at the northern limit of Mesoamerica.  
Zacatecas Ruin Site La Quemada has not been fully explored as yet and still holds many secrets
Structures at La Quemada such as this steep sided Pyramid Of The Offerings(pictured below) have not been explained to the satisfaction of Archaeologists. The range of architectural styles would appear to have influences from the Teotihuacan culture, the Toltecs, the Tarascans, possibly the Chicomecs of Aztec legend.
,  The site is called Chicomostoc by some and thought to be the land of the Aztec legends.
A definite occupation between 500 AD and 900 AD has been established with evidence of earlier occupations in areas that have not been fully excavated.
La Quemada
How to Reach Chalchihuites/Alta Vista
Leave 45  near the town of Sombrerete if road conditions favor this route in. The best way in may be from Vincente Guerrero on 45 to Suchil and then to Chalchihuites. Check road conditions
Zacatecas Ruin Sites, Alta Vista and La Quemada Ruin Sites were ritual centers, one located on the Tropic of Cancer thought to be of the Teotihuacan culture and having connections to the solar cycles in Zacatecas State of Mexico
Zacatecas Flights from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana reach Zacatecas International Airport  (ZCL)  a 20 minute cab ride from the city.
Direct flights from
Los Angeles, Denver CO,  Houston, TX,  and Chicago IL are available.
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