Zihuatanejo Beach Resort Town, Pacific Coast Village, Mexico
How to Reach Zihuatanejo  
Long distance first class buses run along coast road Route 200 from Acapulco to the city of Lazaro Cardenas.   Zihuatanejo is mid way, four hours south of Lazaro Cardenas.   Estrella Blanca serves Zihuatanejo  from Puerto Escondido and from Morelia and Mexico City.  From the north, buses serve from Mazatlan,Guadalajara  area  and then to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo,   
From the south, buses from  
Puerto Escondido,  reach Acapulco and then Zihuatanejo.   Bus lines serve Zihuatanejo  from Mexico City.   through Morelia and Uruapan.   Service is frequent out of Guadalajara and Morelia.
Air Service reaches Zihuatanejo/Ixtapas airport, south of the city,  from Mexico City.

Auto:  Route 200, the coast road runs through Zihuatanejo  between Acapulco and Lazaro Cardenas.
On the north end of the arcing beach and small bay of Zihuatanejo you find the boat pier and the fishing, tours, sightseeing, and SCUBA dive boats.  On the south end of the bay, you find the walkway along the shore for sightseeing and recreation.  
Beach-side restaurants and clubs offer tables along the beach where the fishing fleet run their boats up on the sand beach.  The fish go on sale around sunup with a kilo of Pez Vela fillet (Marlin) selling for 40 pesos.
Reliable friendly English and Spanish speaking Taxicab driver:
Rene Brooks Morales  Tel. 755-108-7043
Call for lift anywhere, hire for private tour, 200 pesos per hour
Very helpful, friendly and accommodating
Zihuatanejo is a Beach Resort Town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico that offers cobble streets and painted sidewalks where deep sea fishing, diving, parasailing end ecotours are available in the tidiest low rise resort in all of Mexico.
Zihuatanejo is unique in its Santa Fe New Mexico look and its many upscale shops selling silver, leather and art.  Americans and Canadians have wintered for years in Zihuatanejo and this English speaking population has taught many of the local people English during their intercambios.  Still Zihuatanejo is definitely very Mexican in its food, tropical ambiance and in its prices.  Regardless of the many tourists,  the local people are very friendly and accommodating.

Five miles from
Zihuatanejo, the relatively new highrise Beach Resort of Ixtapa caters to the vacationer looking for nightlife and beach sports.  

Zihuatanejo has kept its relaxed atmosphere with several pedestrian-only streets and open air clubs and bars.  The village still has its fishing fleet  which moors in the bay and sells its fish in an impromptu market beneath the palms on Playa principal.
There is a charm to Zihuatanejo.  The cobble streets and brick sidewalks (impressed concrete but effective) lend an ambiance of friendly lay back relaxation.  The walkway along the bay extends for miles and becomes a great source of recreation for morning walkers.
Zihuatanejo is a Beach Resort Town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico that was once just a fishing village.  Now the vacation resort  of  cobble streets and painted sidewalks offers deep sea fishing, diving parasailing, ecotours, and shopping for handcrafts including silver art in an orderly low rise resort..
Zihuatanejo's bay is small but deep in its reach from the open sea.  Several beaches line the bay each offering different wave conditions but none truly surfing beaches.  Surfing is available to the southeast
Zihuatanejo Beach Resort  offers a walkway along the bay that extends for miles.  This is a great resource for morning walkers who can shop or stop for breakfast at one of the many outdoor restaurants along the bay.  
Zihuatanejo charms the visitor with atmosphere, a combination of Santa Fe and Key West comes to mind.  The relaxed atmosphere is sustained by several pedestrian only streets lined by open air clubs and bars.   
The cobble streets and brick painted sidewalks give Zihuatanejo an ambiance of friendly relaxation.  The local people are remarkable friendly for residents of a tourist town.  
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