Zihuatanejo Transportation, Bus, Combi, Taxi In Zihuatanejo
How to Reach Zihuatanejo  
Long distance first class buses run along coast road Route 200 from Acapulco to the City of Lazaro Cardenas.   Zihuatanejo is mid way, four hours south of Lazaro Cardenas.   Estrella Blanca serves Zihuatanejo  from Puerto Escondido and from Morelia and Mexico City.  From the north, buses serve from Mazatlan,Guadalajara  area  and then to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo,   
From the south buses from  
Puerto Escondido,  reach Acapulco and then Zihuatanejo.   Bus lines serve Zihuatanejo  from Mexico City.   through Morelia and Uruapan.   Service is frequent out of Guadalajara and Morelia.
Air Service reaches Zihuatanejo/Ixtapas airport, south of the city,  from Mexico City.

Auto:  Route 200, the coast road runs through Zihuatanejo  between Acapulco and Lazaro Cardenas.

From the pier to the right of the main beach find tour s, sightseeing and SCUBA dive boats.  On the south end of the bay, you find the walkway along the shore for sightseeing and recreation.  Beach-side restaurants and clubs offer tables along the beach where the fishing fleet run their boats up on the sand beach.  The fish go on sale around sunup with a kilo of Pez Vela fillet (Marlin) selling for 40 pesos.
Vans leave from four blocks north and three east of the Zocalo and head in many directions including the beaches,

English speaking Taxicab driver:
Rene Brooks Morales  Tel. 755-108-7043
Call for lift anywhere, hire for private tour, 200 pesos per hour
Very helpful, friendly and accommodating,
Zihuatanejo Transportation is plentiful and Inexpensive. Getting Around In Zihuatanejo by Bus, Combi, and Taxi is easy with ample local transportation at a reasonable price and long distance bus service within a 25 peso cab ride from the Zocalo.
Zihuatanejo offers many transportation options from first class bus service for long trips to shared taxis or mini buses that make runs on predetermined routes.  
Zihuatanejo's bay is small but deep in its reach from the open sea.  Several beaches line the bay each offering different wave conditions but none truly surfing beaches.  
Public transportation reaches the beaches from the downtown center.  Shared taxi vans reach La Ropa Beach,  Playa La Ropa, and many other locations.  Watch for the name of the route on the front of the van.  The vans are also color coded with a colored stripe on the side.
The combi vans leave from the Benito  Juarez street four blocks north of the Zocalo and three blocks east.
Zihuatanejo Shared Taxis called Collectivos or Combi in Mexico will pick up and drop off any where along the route.  Watch for the color coding and the name of the destination on the van
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