Zion Canyon
To keep congestion down, Park Service shuttles take visitors to view the most scenic sections of Zion’s twisted stone and sculpted spires.

Zion’s 1920s era Zion-Mount Carmel tunnel leads up and out to the road for Brice or to the
Grand Canyon. Freedonia marks Route 89 heading north.   

You'll find all the elbow room you could ever want after you pass through a few little towns and take a die-straight road that makes a bee line for the north rim as it cuts through the desert sage and creosote bush of the Kaibab plateau. Forty miles of blacktop skirts the Vermilion Cliffs on the left, a plain to the canyon on the right,  and makes for the open road to the North rim of the Grand Canyon ahead.  

Marble Canyon
You leave the Grand Canyon and continue east beside the Vermilion Cliffs and enter Marble Canyon. Here it is worth a stop to see Lees Ferry and watch a trip outfitter provision their huge inflatable rafts for a 200 mile trip on the Colorado River.

Antelope Slot Canyon
Another stop on a tour around the Colorado's canyons  should be slot canyons of Page. Take  Antelope Pass at 6,533  feet elevation  for the great views of the valley of the Colorado River and then enjoy a long downhill glide to Page where you might be thinking mirage when you see the enigmatic towers of the Navajo Power Plant on Route 98. They loom over Antelope Canyon, a wash that is dry most of the year but when Antelope Creek conveys huge amounts of flood water through the rocks during storms, they have carved out the most unusual rock formations in the hidden canyon.
Grand Canyon North Rim will be next on the loop road around the Colorado River.   Cabins and camping are available at the North rim along with mule rides and self guided hiking into the canyon.   Paved roads lead to many rim views
Lees Ferry
Travel Photographer Rain Rodolph photographing in Valley of Fire, SP Nevada
Grand Canyon, South Rim
From Page head back south along the Echo Cliffs to the Little Colorado River and then turn at Cameron to the plateau on Route 64 to the 7,400-foot high south rim of the Grand Canyon.
viewpoints like Mather point first thing in the morning have great sunrise views. The west Rim Trail runs for eight miles along the canyon’s edge and leads to great viewpoints, much of it  paved and  wheel chair accessible.

South for a return to Phoenix on 89 takes you through the ancient stone pueblos of The Wupatki National Monument, the 11th century homes of the Anasazi and Sinagua cultures. The road passes through the black volcano fields of Sunset Crater where eruptions in the 11th Century threw tons of volcanic stone that blanketed the area driving out the ancient farmers who left their stone buildings.
From there you head through Sedona and on to Phoenix.
Zion National Park Lodging, Zion Lodge, Lodging In The  Park
Shop on the web ahead of your trip and design your own itineraries and connections.   Shopping on the web for air travel will take a little patience and perseverance, the savings can be significant.  
Adequate connection times will be important to keep in mind as will Security procedures.  Also important to your anxiety reduction is getting an assigned seat well before your flight. ¬†Book your hotel ahead of your trip and avoid trying to shop for a hotel while you arejet-lagged. Shop Hotels Here for photos, Maps, reviews, and Room Rates
Flying into Phoenix for a Grand Canyon trip or into Las Vegas for Zion and Grand Canyon North Rim
Grand Canyon North Rim
Grand Canyon North Rim is less crowded than the South Rim.
South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
is closer to Las Vegas and Phoenix and therefore receives more visitors.
Grand Canyon Trips From Las Vegas allow you to reach the North Rim of the Grand Canyon via a loop trip around the Colorado River.  Mid week hotel rates in Las vegas make the city a good base for a Grand Canyon Trip. You can tour the canyons of Utah and loop around the Colorado River and visit the Grand Canyon North Rim and South Rim on your way back to Las Vegas.
The Zion Lodge  is also close to the shuttles, to parking, and to the other attractions that will make a visit entertaining.  

Xanterra Parks and Resorts runs the lodge and as they do at the Grand Canyon, they run efficiently.  In Zion you can find cliffs and sandstone formations, towers nearly 4000 feet high, and views at every turn.  Zion Lodge will make it all easy to reach.

The lodge goes back to the 1920s when the first lodge was built to attract railroad passenger on the early railroad service to the parks.  That building was destroyed by fire in 1966 and the buildings were rebuilt and then eventually restored to resemble the original buildings.  The lodging offers cabins with bath, fireplace and modernized motel type rooms all with AC, coffee maker, ironing board and iron, telephone, and WiFi.  The rooms are winterized to offer lodging throughout the year.
A reservation-only restaurant with views (year round) and an informal café (seasonal) are within the complex for dining.
RV, Truck, and Bus parking are available at the lodge.  Horseback riding tours and hiking trails are nearby.

Room Rates:  Rates range from $180-to $200 USD approximately per night including taxes. Seasonal rates at reduced rates are available December through March.
See Rates at Xanterra link below
Zion Lodge is an ideal place to stay during a visit to Zion National Park because it is within the park and it offers 146,000 acres of cliff views, biking, horseback tours, and deep canyon hiking.
Car, bus, and RV parking is available at the lodge
Rates Below and Link to Xanterra Reservations
Zion National Park was founded in 1919 and has experienced such popularity that in 1997 a free shuttle bus system was developed to include buses with bike racks that take visitors to the various places of interest within Utah's most visited park.

To accommodate the over 3 million annual visitors, two shuttle loops operate, the Springdale Shuttle making six stops and the Zion Shuttle making eight stops.  The Canyon Visitors Center is the hub and connection for these loops.

Shuttle Bus Season:
April I until October 31. Early morning to late evening, buses run every ten minutes at most locations. (schedule varies throughout the season) Shuttle buses are handicap accessible, bicycles go on the rack at the front.  No smoking, eating, or transfer of pets is allowed on the shuttle.  Park in Springdale or at the park Visitors center.  Lots fill by noon on busy days

Pets are excluded from use of hiking trails in the park with the exception of the Pa'rus Trail where pets are admitted while on a leash not exceeding six feet.  Pets are excluded from the shuttle buses and from public buildings within the park.
Kennel boarding of pets is available at the nearby towns of Kanab, Hurricane, Rockville, Cedar City and St. George.  

and baby carriage access is available at the Riverside Walk or Gateway to the Narrows.  The shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible.

Many other hikes for all abilities are available.  Strenuous hikes include the Narrows and Angels Landing.  Easy hikes follow the Virgin River through the canyon.   
Grand Canyon South Rim, Dawn
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