Zipolite Beach Surfing And Lodging, Oaxaca Pacific Coast

Zipolite's is a one-street beach village but you can find the Zipolite Internet Café near Posada Cristobal where you plug in your own computer for 15 peso per hour or use their computers.  There are weekend discos, funky restaurants, and a large grocery store if you are doing your own cooking.  

From Zipolite you can catch a Camioneta to the crossroads and then a  $20 peso bus north to Zicatela Beach, in the town of Puerto Escondido.
Zipolite surfing is made attractive by budget lodging on the Beach that includes Posada San Cristobal at 150 Peso and camping at Kikos where a tent site is 25 pesos a night.

Zipolite Beach Camping and Lodging

For surfers on a budget the Kikos Campsites will provide a site right on the beach

Posada Shambala offerslow priced lodging and a great view.
Posada Mexico
Posada Mexico offers lodging on the beach at 200 Pesos and tables for dining by candlelight on Zipolite beach at night while visitors watch the sunset

Zipolite's  nude-optional beach is one of the few places in Mexico were nude bathing is allowed.

From Zipolite, surfers can take a collective cab (camioneta 5-10 pesos) to the Mazunte crossroads and catch a Sur Bus to Puerto Escondido and Zicatela Beach for the International surfing competition August and November

Zipolite Beach Surfing

Zipolite surfing has been made safer by the lifeguard station at the west end of the beach. 

While the surfing is not as consistant as that on Zicatela Beach in Puerto Escondido the attraction for surfers at Zipolite is the freedom from crowds and the budget lodging right on the beach.  Posada and campgounds go for 25 Peso for a campsite on the beach to 150 pesos for a psada or hotel room. ( except during holidays, Christmas and Easter).
Surfing is ofen good near
Posada San Cristobal at the west end of the beach where there is a lifeguard station.  Colored flags will indicate the conditions.

Kikos at the East end of Roca Blanca (a block east of San Cristobal) offers tent sites for 25 pesos per night.

Reach Zipolite by bus from Puerto Escondido to Pochutla and then collective taxi to Zipolite
Sur Bus will stop at Pochutla and at the crossroads for Zipolite/Mazunte where you find a collectivo or Camioneta to Mazunte and Zipolite.

Oaxaca's Zipolite Beach

Reach Zipolite Beach by air from Oaxaca's airport (OAX) to Puerto Escondido and then OCC bus or local bus southeast along the coast to Pochutla, and from there a short taxi or collective taxi ride of seven miles.

  • First Class Bus service
Buses leave the first class terminal in Oaxaca City for Huatulco and then from there to Pochutla. (10 hours)

  • Second Class bus Service
Second class bus service from several bus lines leave Oaxaca City's Second Class terminal and goes over the mountains to Puerto Escondido or to Pochutla.  (8 hours) bring warm clothes for the mountain run.  Motion sickness a problem for some due to the extremes of the mountain road.

Several services run vans to the coast from Oaxaca city.  They make runs to Pochutla from Oaxaca city. (6 hours)  (160-180 Pesos)
The mountain driving can be tough on those prone to motion sickness, dramamine medicine is recommended by some travelers. One pill is good for the six hour trip.

Transportation to Zipolite

Zipolite Beach Dawn
Next door to San Cristobal, rooms rent for 200 Pesos a night at the Posada Mexico with parking and an Italian restaurant.  Across the street, (above right) 130 peso a night and up with free wifi.
At Kikos, a block east along the beach you can pitch a tent for 25 pesos a night in an enclosed area facing the beach.
Zipolite Beach Lodging includes the El Quimista Cabanas and Lo Cosmico Posada  which offer cabins, shelters with hammocks, restaurants  and a variety of options including massage and aromatherapy nearby on the west end of Zipolite beach near the Shambala
Two doors east of the San Cristobal Posada find the Hotel Paradise , a new four story place where rooms rent for 200 pesos a night.   
It is best to ask questions when shopping: free Wifi, hot water, ventilators,  ceiling fans, bar, restaurant, screens on the windows, off street parking ?
Zipolite Beach offers great sunrises and sunsets.
Zipolite Beach Lodging:
For independent travelers the Posada Shambala offers budget accommodations and a great view from the hill on the west side of the beach
Dawn in January at Zipolite Beach
Surfing at sunset mid January  Zipolite Beach
Posada Shambala offers a great view from the hill on the west side of the beach with massage, aromatherapy nearby.  
The Sambala is open again after the hurricane.

Zipolite Beach Lodging Considerations:

When shopping for Zipolite lodging look for mosquito protection, either a mosquito net over the bed or screens on the windows.
Ask about these options: a ceiling fan, wifi, hot water, restaurant with bar, secure parking.  

zipolite Beach surfing
Zipolite Beach
The hotel Adoquin in Colonia Roca Blanca (across from Posada San Cristobal) lost this huge flowering tree to a hurricane but the hotel was undamaged and offers rooms with free WiFi for 130 Pesos per night and up
sur Bus Oaxaca Pacific Coast

Sur Bus runs hourly between Huatulco, Pochutla, and Puerto Escondido. 
Bus will stop at Mazunte Crossroads. 7 am to 8 pm hourly buses

Zipolite Beach Surfing, Camping Oaxaca Pacific Coast
surfing the West end of Zipolite Beach
Camping Zipolite Beach
Sunrise on Zipolite Beach near the Kikos Campsites
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