Oaxaca Lodging, Hotels, B&B, Hostels in Oaxaca City
Oaxaca Mexico, South Central Mexico
Oaxaca Lodging, like any options and many price ranges.
Oaxaca Lodging might be a luxury hotel for  short term stay , a hostel for the independent backpacker passing through, or the year-round rental for the retiree who will spend the winter.
This article about Oaxaca lodging will cover them all and give hotel contact numbers, emails, and prices as well as events and places that make Oaxaca interesting
Oaxaca lodging appealed to D.H. Lawrence when he lived on Pino Suarez. The mountain air eased his illness has attracted other notable people to Oaxaca like Edward Weston and Tina Modotti
Not too far from this church, Santo Domingo, the Camino Real Hotel has now a hotel on a pedestrian-only street in the center of Oaxaca's preserved colonial district.
The Camino Real Hotel is one of the best located and nicest address in Oaxaca and Includes a bar with entertainment, restaurant, and outdoor pool.
On Friday evening a troupe performs the traditional regional dances of Oaxaca.  
Next door to Oaxaca's cathedral,  the Marques del Valle Hotel has rooms for $60 USD and up  right on the Zocalo, the center of the Historic District of Oaxaca
Near the church in the background, La  Soledad, the Hostal Santa Isabel has rooms and dorms for as little as $5. USD a night
As you can see there is great diversity of accommodation in Oaxaca and a range of prices to suit all
Long term rentals for those staying for more than a few weeks range greatly also.
The closer you get to the Alcala, the pedestrian- only street
(pictured right) the higher the price.
A one bedroom furnished apartment with kitchen and shower/lav. like the one pictured would cost between $250 to $450 USD depending on how close it is to the Central Historic District
You and Your Money in Mexico
A Traveler's Opinion

ATM machines are available everywhere in Mexico and dispense the Mexican National currency the Peso at a fair exchange rate. Find the swipe type instead of the insert type to be safe from the machine eating the card. Travel with two cards, one a back-up in case of loss. The rigors of travel can make a card unreadable, therefore the second card, used only in an emergency and left in the hotel safe, can be a good option.  Use the pin number ATM cards only not the debit cards. Debit cards are also credit cards and if stolen, can be used by anyone anywhere; clerks seldom check ID.
Back Up Cash  
Keep some back-up cash; earthquakes are common in Mexico and can disrupt phone lines, putting ATM machines down for several days.
Banks in Mexico will exchange money and will compete on rates. If you are changing large sums it is a good practice to check the rates.
Christmas is high season in Mexico; everyone hits the road. The small colonial towns and small beach areas become full of people. This stresses the systems including banks and ATM machines; they run out of money. Plan on this happening by Sunday of a holiday weekend.
American Express has offices in most Mexican cities. Put some back-up cash in an American Express account to have in an emergency.
Check to see if you can bank with an international bank such as Scotia Bank; set up an account that would make your funds available from your home bank in an emergency.
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Oaxaca is notable for cultural parades, regional food, and festival
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