Sailing Adventures

Sailing Adventures Set sail on a yacht or catamaran and explore remote islands and hidden beaches

Sailing holiday is the ultimate getaway. Surrounded by blue skies and turquoise waters, you’ll feel at one with nature as the waves lapping against your toes in pure relaxation.

No matter your sailing ability or experience level, there are countless sailing destinations around the world. From remote islands to hidden coves and beautiful beaches, there really is something for everyone when it comes to sailing!


Croatia offers a variety of sailing adventures. From small boat groups that sail between islands to larger boat tours that take you to popular tourist spots like Split, Dubrovnik and Venice – there’s something for everyone when it comes to sailing adventures in Croatia!

When booking a sailing trip, the first thing to consider is which type of vessel suits your preferences. There are various vessels available such as gulets, catamarans and motor yachts; alternatively you can opt for either bareboat or skippered sailing experiences for those who would prefer more independence during their voyage.

No matter which vessel you select, your sailing adventure in Croatia will be an unforgettable one. Take in the breathtaking natural beauty of the sea as you cruise around and discover remote islands and hidden coves.

Though many people picture Dalmatia when thinking of sailing in Croatia, the Istria peninsula and Kvarner Bay offer just as stunning cruising opportunities. The northern peninsula has a more urbane vibe, particularly around its marinas, while Kvarner Bay boasts some stunning islands that have recently gained popularity.

Sailing in Istria offers an unforgettable journey, taking you to some of the region’s most stunning beaches and hidden treasures as well as inland towns. You’ll have plenty of time to relax, swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear water while visiting local villages for farm-fresh meals prepared by experienced chefs.

On your sailing expedition in Istria, you have access to an array of activities and excursions such as cycling, hiking and wine tasting. This region is ideal for those seeking a break from the usual tourist traps and discovering some of Croatia’s finest attractions.

Another option is to go island hopping, where you’ll set sail and anchor at various islands in secluded beaches. Popular destinations such as Hvar, Korcula and Brac can easily be reached within one day’s sail from each other; however, lesser-known islands also deserve your consideration.

For an even more exclusive vacation, why not book a private charter? Many reputable companies offer private yachts that come equipped with comfortable cabins, sanitary facilities and common living area onboard. These make ideal choices for those seeking an unforgettable and relaxing vacation with family or friends as they can be tailored to fit your individual requirements.


If you’re intrigued by the prospect of sailing in Greece but don’t want to commit to owning a yacht or catamaran, consider joining one of several flotilla holidays. On board, you’ll sail along with several other yachts led by experienced lead crew as you enjoy evenings on deck or shore as you take in Greece’s vibrant Mediterranean nightlife.

The Greek Islands offer the ideal setting to discover the pleasure of sailing. Here, you’ll find idyllic routes among sun-baked beaches, iconic windmills and exotic plant life, plus plenty of waterside tavernas where you can sample olive oil-drenched mezze and sip a glass of wine while admiring stunning views.

Other popular destinations near the Cyclades include the Saronic Gulf, Dodecanese and Ionian Sea. Each offers a distinct experience with stunning beaches, ancient ruins, cultural attractions as well as conservation areas and natural splendors.

Sail around the Cyclades is an ideal way to experience many of the islands in a short amount of time and get acquainted with their culture. Depending on your interests, you could spend days exploring historic temples and churches, strolling through tiny villages, or sampling local cuisine.

Enjoy the stunning coastlines and sparkling beaches as you set sail on one of our cruises or join a private charter. Sailing conditions in Greece are ideal, especially during the summer months when the westerly mistral provides a pleasant breeze that blows at Force 3 to 5 throughout the summer season.

For a tranquil sailing trip near Athens, the Saronic Gulf is the perfect destination. There are an array of islands to discover along with plenty of pristine beaches to unwind on. From Syros to Kea and Kythnos, you can discover picturesque bays and secluded coves while aboard one of Greece’s luxury sailing ships. Enjoy the peace and serenity of these idyllic islands while taking in stunning views from your luxury vessel.

Sail around the islands of Dodecanese and Sporades for a unique sailing experience. The former boast tiny beaches, medieval fortifications and Karpathos with its authentic village life. Zakynthos and Kefalonia offer crystal clear waters with powdery white sand in stunning locations ideal for swimming and snorkeling – you’re sure to spot plenty of exotic fish species while you watch!

The Solomon Islands

Sail through some of the world’s most unspoiled sailing destinations. Explore lush rainforest, historic WW2 wrecks, stunning beaches and unique opportunities to interact with Melanesian locals aboard a yacht or catamaran in the Solomon Islands.

The Solomons are a group of volcanic and low-lying coral atolls located off the east coast of Oceania, near Papua New Guinea. For decades, their stunning coral reefs and turquoise waters have been renowned for their diving, snorkelling and fishing opportunities.

At our Solomons cruise terminals, we offer a great value range of itineraries with top-notch service from an experienced team. Our knowledgeable guides know all the best dive sites and will be more than happy to assist you if ever necessary.

Our expert guides will take you to some of the most remote and unspoiled cruising spots in the Solomons. These include historic Stirling Islands, serene Lake Tengano, and breathtaking Mborokua Island with white tip reef sharks, schools of barracuda and turtles to be admired.

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Temotu, a two-island province with plenty of cultural charms. Stroll through its idyllic beachfront villages where women cultivate vegetables in small gardens and men fish for a living. Their vibrant laughter will fill you with delight as they eagerly share their tales with you.

Sailing in the Solomons is an unrivaled cruising destination, offering stunning natural beauty and cultural richness. A cruise in these unexplored islands gives you a chance to see a place untouched by tourists for yourself; you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in this tropical haven throughout your entire stay!

The islands offer some of the finest scuba diving in the world, boasting numerous sunken WWII wrecks to snorkel and explore. The reefs are home to an abundance of vibrant fish species such as giant bonito, kingfish and mackerel.


Alaska is a paradise for cruisers, offering stunning landscapes and wildlife encounters that cannot be replicated anywhere else. To truly savor Alaska, take to the sea onboard your yacht or catamaran and discover remote islands and hidden coves that are usually inaccessible to landbound visitors.

Cruise lines offering sailing trips in Alaska range from luxury cruises to expedition-oriented tours. Azamara, Cunard, Crystal, Holland America Lines, Norwegian, Ponant, Princess, Regent, Royal Caribbean and Silversea all have ships available in the region.

Many boats travel the inside passageway, which is a quiet passageway connecting land masses in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. It provides a more tranquil environment than rougher open ocean passages and also makes it safer for passengers who experience seasickness.

Azamara, Cunard and Royal Caribbean all offer ships in Alaska that provide one-way cruises from Vancouver, British Columbia to Whittier or Seward. These trips provide a great opportunity to see the sights before flying home; you could even combine them with an onshore land tour for a truly seamless land and sea vacation experience.

These companies’ yachts are built for sailing, offering spacious interiors and all the amenities you need to unwind during your Alaskan adventure. Some smaller vessels also have expedition leaders and naturalists on board who can help you discover hidden gems in the wilderness, as well as kayaks for exploring beaches for marine creatures.

National Geographic’s two 62-passenger vessels, the Sea Bird and Sea Lion, offer Inside Passage cruises from May through August that visit Glacier Bay National Park, Tracy Arms, Petersburg’s fishing port, and Frederick Sound for whale-watching. These expedition cruises also include hiking, snorkeling, inflatable boats or kayak excursions, beachcombing, lectures from expedition leaders and naturalists as well as a hydrophone for listening in on marine mammals.

In addition to the National Geographic Sea Bird and Sea Lion, several ships with permits to Glacier Bay National Park offer luxury cruises with a “luxe meets adventure” theme. These yachts are outfitted with underwater video cameras, video microscopes, inflatable Zodiac landing boats, and expedition guides who will give you an exclusive glimpse into Alaska’s natural splendors.